It Won't Go Away.

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gulliver1 | 13:18 Thu 24th Jun 2021 | News
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Labour are demanding a new Downing St Sleaze investigation, into claims that Matt Hancock promoted a Healthcare firm ,for contracts.
Whose shareholders donated
Thousands of pounds to the Con Party and even to Matt Hancock himself.
Surely this can not be true .


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All I saw in latest posts was this:

It Won't Go Away.

Don't we blooming know it.
Labour are demanding a lot of things that they ain't going to get.
// All I saw in latest posts was this: Gulliver1: It Won't Go Away.
Don't we blooming know it.//

All I saw in latest posts was this: Gulliver 1 Fraud again, I dont know what, but it is THERE if you look.

Don't we blooming know it. - but need to be reminded on a daily basis
Do you have a pot of capital letters and spare commas on your desk you have to get rid of?
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"Babylon Health Care",,,,,,,,,,,,and Ali Parsa,,,,,,,
Sounds a bit Dogy,,,,,.
Gulliver ... step away from the keyboard ... nice and slow...
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13.55, LOL, With the name of the director of Matt Hancocks promoted health care firm.. "Ali Parsa".. I think I will step back from my keyboard , it might explode
It appears labour just wants to waste a lot more money.
I felt rather sorry for Keir Starmer trying to interact with the public by calling bingo numbers in Ipswich. He tries ... bless him.
Hey Gully, what about Boris. You haven't forsaken him have you?
On a more serious note I would welcome an enquiry into where every penny ended up. There is far too much money at stake not to do so.

We know Hancock had his hands in the till (20% share of his sisters company that got nhs contracts) and his Landlord.

But what about the rest inside of politics and out.
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It is just "The Con Crony Club " looking after their members ,what else did you expect from them .
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Hancock had repeatedly endorsed Babylon Health Care,without declaring one of its investors had given the Con Party £200,000 and another gave £100,000 to Matt to finance his Tory leadership attempt.
//...Matt to finance his Tory leadership attempt.//

If that ever came to pass (and I don't think even the Tories as cravy enough to make Hancock leader) Labour should get behind it with all their might. It would be worth be worth at least a 20 point swing in the approval ratings.
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16.02 Knew you would take the bite Mozz, lol.
So you're basically trolling? Congratulations on being the Lefty Tora.
Question Author
So you are saying Matt never put himself forward for Tory leadership in 2019 then.
No idea, I didn't follow the Tory leadership contest.
Although as my 16:02 post clearly states, I was talking about a possible future leadership push.

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It Won't Go Away.

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