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no, no more after the 19th, enough is enough
No. I’m sick of not being able to wear lipstick :0)
No, I will not be wearing a mask. I've been a responsible person and had both my vaccines so I now expect life to go on as normal as possible.
I can't wait to ditch the masks. I just hope that e.g. supermarkets don't make their own rules along the lines of "No mask, no entry".
No probably not.
I don’t think supermarkets will be making up their own rules to stop customers entering, they’ve never done it before so why would they start now ;-)

Our son still wears one to school tho …
Question Author
no doubt there'll be a few oddball retailers etc that will want masks but they'll desist pretty quick when their business suffers.
No, but I do think by the 19th the government should make it law that all shops and venues, food or none food should have sanitizer at their doors. Nothing wrong with educating some adults and children, it should also be on tap in schools. But I really can't see Boris doing anything sensible like this ?
No. I can at last wear earrings! They always get caught up in the masks when putting them on or taking them off.
Question Author
never realised the earing problem Carol!
I don’t think hand sanitiser is all that helpful to be honest. It depends what you do with your hands I suppose, but I think its been shown that the virus doesn’t transmit on surfaces except in the most unlikely of circumstances.
At any rate there’s so justification for people obsessively wiping their supermarket trolleys for what seems like ages …
i guess if i want to go somewhere that asks me to, i will.
'Ministers make a great show of obeying the rules. The weekend before Boris Johnson announced the delay to ‘freedom day’, he was bumping elbows with Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau at the G7 in Cornwall, posing for socially distanced photos. It was the picture of Covid security.

What the official photos didn’t show, however, was the behaviour behind the scenes. Long-lens cameras captured a far more relaxed affair, with no masks or social distancing in sight. ‘Was Cornwall exempt?’ jokes one government official who attended the summit. ‘There was no adherence to the rules.’ The event was a stark illustration of the new divide in Covid Britain between the restricted public and the party elite.'
But a lot of the distancing is for show. We know it and the people who do it know we know. It’s more to set an example in public

Personally it doesn’t bother me. Now that meetings are finally taking place in person, and professional sports events have been doing so for ages, then it’s unrealistic to expect rigid social distancing.
The stuff highlighted below about Billy Gilmour illustrates that it’s all very illogical but, like I say, it doesn’t bother me.
I wasn’t sure if that was an example of common sense or a lack of it ;-)
The mask has come in handy on days when i can't be arissed to shave :-))
Ive become attached to my mask. Plus it will come in useful if i decide to break the law
Here is a most un-PC comment but I can’t help noticing that female faces look more appealing with a mask : it draws attention to the eyes :-)
I’m sure it’s the same for men too …
Aye, focus attention on my bloodshot peepers why doncha? :-)
Question Author
I know when I'm beat, can't top reptile dysfunction. :-)
12.16 totally agree ; )

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