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"Rinse under hot tap for 30secs. Leave to dry. Viola!"

Sounds a bit fiddly. :-)
No. I’ve stopped wearing one already.

yes I will, I'm not taking undue risks with cases down here at 800/100k at the moment.
Choux - agree (and empathise!) re mask and chemo. That is extremely sensible. Husb did same when he had chemo (and this was prior covid).

I also will don a mask (always not only covid) whenever I feel the slightest sniffle. I think that is a good habit and hopefully one that lingers long after covid.

Like the Japanese do
yes I will, I'm not taking undue risks with cases down here at 800/100k at the moment. Thank you Boris for bringing the blood covid-laden G7 down here....

Kick the UEFA officials/VIPs out tonight, given what the 'Merkel' is advocating, Macron, pathetic barrsteward following him.
Don't the Japanese wear masks a lot because of smog ?
18.51..sounds a bit fiddly. It isnt really. Do it last thing at night. 20 or 30secs hot or cold tap. Leave to dry overnight. It should last you 2 or 3 days or longer.
Burlyshirley smog is one of the reasons yes. But the other ingrained in their culture is to protect others. So therefore if they feel a virus coming on most of them automatically don a mask.

A very rrespectful culture and one that my Husb has a lot of dealings with (for work)
the Chinese too, shirley, 'wu yu han me mask? - me/we haf smog ere in Batcitii....i no its wong ting to sai.'
Yes, I thought the Chinese did as well.
Viola - fiddly
Voila - there you are

I’ve worn masks where I’m required to wear one, but, I’ve only done so not because of the supposed protection, but simply because I can’t be bothered to get into a row with some high-horse sitting busybody who decides I simply must be told I am killing people.
No. I see loads of people wandering around the streets with them on. I don't think they're really understanding their purpose.

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