Rare Event - Rich Arrogance Thwarted

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Canary42 | 17:39 Tue 22nd Jun 2021 | News
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Millionaire wanted to drive a short cut through protected forestland - planners said no.

But don't hold your breath, just wait until the "easier" planning laws promised by the Tories come about. The Toff Party will look after their rich cronies.


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You don’t half talk some rubbish, Canary.
Sounds like you're all of a lather canary. Get you excited did it?
I assume it was his own land he was talking about.
Canary is just trying to keep pace with Gully in the 'Who can have the most digs in the 'Tory Crony Club' stakes
If you're worried about trees, lobby your MP about Drax power station. Last year it burned the equivalent of 14m tons of green wood, around 1.5 times the entire timber production of the UK. That's about half a ton of wood every second. Almost all of that was shipped around 5,000 miles across the Atlantic and then transported to Yorkshire. And for that we got less than 1% of the country's total energy needs and the power plant was subsidised by £2.2m (paid by all energy users) for its "green" efforts.

A millionaire chopping down a hundred yards of trees on his estate is neither here nor there. Those trees would be consumed by Drax in a few minutes.
I doubt the bloke's a Tory supporter anyway probably Labour or Plaid.
He’s not chopping anything down. His application was rejected.
judge 18:18, yep and they shipped it from the US in diesel ships, HTF that is "carbon neutral" I cannot fathom. The whole Drax thing is disgusting. That's the sort of thing GT should be having a go at.
It isn't a rare event at all to get planning knock backs of this sort.

Whatever made you think it was.
Mamy; the dogs heard the whistle and they started to bark. That's what dogs do.
TTT, being the owner of the land doesn't give you the right to do what you want with it (under current Planning law).
I dont know about dogs,Atheist,but i think it is Canary who is barking...
So the Planning Authority refused a planning application. What's new?
Why can't people address the OP instead of simply ganging up to abuse the poster? Abuse without some stated reason or justification is rather a bad show.
@18.50.The trouble with Canary is that he always posts a question and never replies to the answers he is given.For example what is the"Toff Party"?There seems to be quite a lot of Sirs in the Labour Party.Is it the Labour Party he is referring to?
canary: "The Toff Party will look after their rich cronies." - do you have any evidence that this man is a Tory?
Why is the Conservative Party the “Toff Party”?

I’ve voted Conservative ever since I started voting, and I can assure you I’m not a “Toff”.
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Rare Event - Rich Arrogance Thwarted

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