How Can The First Minister Hope To Enforce This?

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Kardashev | 13:18 Mon 21st Jun 2021 | News
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I hope everyone ignores it.
The simple answer is she can't.

There is no ban on travel to England and once there people can go where they want. The only way she could do it would be to man the borders and stop all travel to England.
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Yes Jackdaw I thought there was no way that it could be enforced. There is no border and even if there was I can't see how she could single out one city anyway.
well then we should be banned - thanks G7 ***.....Cornwall up with Manchester now - but it's St Ives, Falmouth and Newquay that are running high. The area around the press centre in Falmouth is at 820 cases/100000 - and three weeks ago we were down at 3/100k. The good news is that few have been hospitalised (2 actually) and no deaths...
The wee lassie has lost the plot.

Too much power gone to her wee little nut.
I think the wee un has lost it! I know the Scots like to be different but gawd, you've got a certifiable loony running the show!

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How Can The First Minister Hope To Enforce This?

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