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gulliver1 | 06:52 Sun 20th Jun 2021 | News
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Rishi Sunak to scrap Triple Lock system for Pensioners Oh dear.


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where is the link, or isn't there one.....
i have looked but no joy, where did you read this, as i am interested.
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Looks like it's going to be the Pensioners ,that are going to help foot the Bill, for the tax payers money ,
Boris has given away to his Cronies then.
how so gulliver.
Didn't Teresa May upset the grey voters over something? Look what happened to her.
can't remember, she is as they say yesterdays woman...
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Well Boris has pleased at least one British Pensioner , he is going to buy the Queen a New Royal Yacht, for £200M. ... he has got to make cuts somewhere .
she won't get much use of of it, as it will take some years to build, but the RF will, like Charles and Camilla, plus its going to be used for conferences, business.
TBH if it was scrapped for this year (as was suggested - it’s not a fact), it would be more fair as we would get a 6% pay rise, whilst the ordinary workers would not. Don’t forget nurses only got 1%. As a pensioner I would accept this, as my income was not affected by Covid unlike many workers.
But this is 'our' money!! Money that we have worked hard for.
How dare Boris decide how much we can get each year.
//...plans to suspend the pensions "triple lock" for a year...//

Since when did 'suspend for a year' equate to 'scrap'?
The triple lock could deliver an 8.4% increase in state pensions. Is that right?
Suspend for a year. Right. If you believe that, I’ve a bridge in Arizona that you can buy.
It would be a bit disastrous for some of us.

Agree with David S. For one year - who is he kidding?
Both have said it is a Manifesto pledge and will continue the vague reference to Treasury Officials means nothing. It is likely that earnings will be the highest factor in the Triple Lock then Inflation.
there isnt one M
gulliver boiling over - hi goolee !

there is an article in Saturdays Times Money - why we should all want good pensions ( because we are all gonna get one at some time - dear God I paid £2 for that )

Rishi is committed to maintaining it - so that is where Gully got the idea from - - - sort of
yes I am aware a week is long time in politics ....
// as was suggested - it’s not a fact)//

a suggestion is a fact innit

There is a rumour that Boris Johnson has grown another head

could be a fact - there was a rumour
but we may search for a second head in vain

going out to lunch soon - love you
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10.07, Bet you still believe in Father Christmas.
Once Scotland gets independence us Scots wont have to worry about pensions.We wont be getting any.Probably the Nationalists will still get their pensions,but us ordinary,sensible Scots wont get b*g*er all.

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