Bercow Shows His True Colours

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Hazi-Hammenuhoth | 06:07 Sun 20th Jun 2021 | News
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The 'impartial' ex-Speaker has defected to the party everone knew he favoured. Is this news?!


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not really, he is a two faced twerp...
Question Author
Sorry just seen the other thread. Please remove this one, Ed.
leave it be if possible.....
No surprise. He's a slithering serpent.
They are certainly welcome to have him!
so they are, going on their performance lately he won't be an asset
Remember his 'B....cks to Brexit' car-sticker in the House of Commons car park? & he the 'impartial' speaker of the House.
The man is a cad, - an utter bounder (as we used to say).
We, he’s not the Speaker any more.
And he was a Conservative before that.

If it’s not News why the post lol
"Usually rats leave a sinking ship, in John Bercow's case, it's a rat joining a sinking ship." Twitter

I'm actually beginning to feel a bit sorry for Starmer

I just love this website! Lots of laughs. Or should that be LOL?

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