John Bercow Joins Labour

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bednobs | 22:04 Sat 19th Jun 2021 | News
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hardly a surprise


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They are starting to jump ship.Look out Boris .
Do you actually know anything about politics, gulliver?
I would have thought that they ( Labour ) had enough comedians on board as it is.
Odious little cretin !!
No great loss to the Tories and he'll bring Labour down further. Watch out, Sie Keir, he's after your job.
Well he wasn't going to get far in the Conservative party was he?
“The conclusion I have reached is that this government needs to be replaced. The reality is that the Labour party is the only vehicle that can achieve that objective. There is no other credible option.”

He’s a joke !
The Labour party are the only party likely to ever give him what he craves.
He suffers from this ‘Little Man Syndrome ‘
And still smarting from not getting a peerage.
Why are people so nasty about JB? I quite liked him as speaker, a bit of a character .
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I've always quite liked him too, Anne.....and if he's ditched the Tories I think I like him even more.
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The least surprising political event of the year. Kinda funny though.
Do Labour actually want him? I doubt it.
Shame he didn't do it before he was elected as a Conservative MP in 1997.
Let's see if Keir parachutes him into a safe Labour seat (if there is such a thing these days).

The least surprising political event of the year
yes I am surprised
gast flabbered etc

I mean I wont get anywhere in the tory party but that doesnt make me a corbynite

The one that really surprised me - was gorbals Mick
the only way to get him hout was offer him a seat in the Lords

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