Tories Lose Safe Seat

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gulliver1 | 09:07 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | News
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Chesham and Amersham. . Lib Dems take safe seat of Tories at Byelection


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This was an HS2 issue and 18,000 voters didn’t turn out. The Tory candidate was also very woke and green. However, this should be a wake up call for Boris. There is a whole different country outside the Westminster Bubble and it is fed up with being lied to, fobbed off, and locked down. You can’t run a Democratic country by fear.
11:35 Fri 18th Jun 2021
This is the best thing.
Labour had the worst by-election result in the party's history, with just 622 votes.

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But a better thing is a safe Tory seat for 47 years being taken away from them By the Lib Dems. Unbelievable
But I can't believe there was 622 people stupid enough to vote for Labour.
Lost their deposit too. Seems it's not just in Scotland that Labour are facing consignment to history.
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I can't believe there was so many people Sensible enough to vote Lib Dem and not Tory.
I guess that's about the only positive spin you can put on it!
Come the General
Election the winner of that protest vote will be rebuilding that blue brick wall.
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23.52 , In your dreams.
Bet Boris trembling in fear at the thought of a LibDem resurgence (not).
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It's time to get rid of Johnson , and the Public are at last waking up to the Idea . Unfortunatly the UK are stuck with the Cons for the next couple of years , but at least they could still get rid of this Bumbling Fool Boris.

gulliver, I'm at a loss to think what can ever qualify you to conclude that Boris is a bumbling fool - what of any note have you ever done? - but think you'll find that the public don't necessarily want to get rid of him. Apart from knitting, nattering, and Tory bashing, I think you need to find an extra, unrelated hobby. Your obsession is unhealthy.
Who’d have thought it: Boris Johnson popular with northern voters, but unpopular in many southern constituencies. Chesham is no isolated phenomenon, although the scale of it may be.
Politics is changing, there’s no doubt. The question is will Johnson go with the flow or resist it. I think I’ve answered my own question there although it’s a risky strategy: most of those so-called “red wall” seats are slim majorities and there probably isn’t much further to be gone with it. And when a hard rain starts to fall they’ll be the one getting wettest. And if he gets out the expensive umbrellas then the revolt in the south can only intensify
Don't hold your breath. Like many mid-term elections, this was a protest vote.
Whether it was a protest vote or not, politics is changing.
It would be odd in fact if it didn’t.

Anyway, it’s protest votes that see off governments.
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Lend me your votes said Boris to the opposition voters when he was desperate to get elected as P/M.
Wonder how many regret doing so now?.
See off the government and replace it with what? As I said, don't hold your breath.
“ Wonder how many regret doing so now?”

Probably not many at the moment.
“See off the government and replace it with what?”

Umm, another government.

Some by-elections are true portents of future election results, like Newbury fur example. Many aren’t. But as I said before if the Tories treat it merely as the latter they’ll be very foolish
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According to Boris's thinking about this defeat,
it is
"Forgive them lord for they know not what they do"
//Umm, another government.//

Of what flavour? I see no realistic opposition. Do you?

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Tories Lose Safe Seat

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