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The only way to stop all this nonsense is I'm afraid, to start searching into the past of the 'woke' accusers & 'outing' THEM. Every single one of us will have somewhere in our family history something which can be construed as racist, somehow connected to slavery, non-PC or in some way reprehensible by today's standards. The horrible Head librarian at the BL...
17:26 Thu 17th Jun 2021
Enid Blyton would not cause even a raised eyebrow fro anybody I know or have ever known.
All the noise comes as usual from the chattering classes and social media devotees.
are all these making the fuss white? have thye nothing better to do.
do they think they are elevating there status, whatever that is.
as for non whites complaining, if it's so bad why are you still living here, keep poking...
//The only way to stop all this nonsense is I'm afraid, to start searching into the past of the 'woke' accusers & 'outing' THEM.//

Indeed. There was an "Extinction Rebellion" lunatic on the telly the other day. He was sporting a football shirt of a club who were sponsored by a well known airline. He was imploring us to "Fly Emirates". You couldn't make it up.
Critical Race Theory spreads its ugly tentacles, and those wishing to appear enlightened embrace it, along with all the rest of the politically correct badges they collect.
entertainment outrage or perceived grievances for the sake of it
some people have to much time on there hands.
Now why I wonder did Enid Blyton not think up a story about a black Anne Boleyn?
Apparently they’re going to close the A5 from North Wales to Bedfordshire and dig it up as the Roman road, formerly known as Watling Street, was built largely by slaves. The A2 in Kent will be next.
Good news at last Arrods. All we need now is to shut the A55 because the route was once used to transport slate and pilchards to the cities. Both industries built on exploitation. Then we will be safe from the Asian disease sweeping across England. (^_*)
Demolish Bristol as slave trader. Eradicate any person who had a Robinsons Golly badge. Oo-er I had several.
Stop giving these cretins any publicity.
foo - narfin sacred at all
thank god the threads on AB have gone back to their aryan roots after the deviation on maff and logs this morning

phew! - and foo! dear auld enid who woulda thought, etc etc
fank gawd - dammit - - I will become a usual suspect, before I die
It is fairly well known that Blyton’s writings which were written a long time ago have not weathered well.
Her views were acceptable at the time, but look decidedly dodgy in 2021.
Anyone getting het up about this must have nothing to worry about in their real lives because this is inconsequential and irrelevant to everybody.

A writer goes out of date. Yawn. There are plenty of great new children's books.

I am seriously tempted to buy a copy of Little Black Sambo as a coffee table book, solely for the purpose of outraging the Woke brigade.
Does the brigade come for coffee regularly?
Question Author
Old books are often full of old-fashioned views. Biggles didn't like the Hun, and so it goes on. So what? It is good for young people to read how old-fashioned people thought in the olden-days. That's how young people learn about life and learn to form their own views. Young people are not daft enough to read EB and then adopt her views. Young people can read old-fashioned stuff and think about why people had those views. If they are spoon-fed PC views and protected from history they won't learn to think for themselves.

They forget to mention that Enid Blyton's stories were rampantly sexist and included subtle shades of lesbianism as well.,

But she was, as we all are, a product of her time, and times change.

I read and loved all her books as a child, I accepted that Gollies were the 'baddies' because they were Gollies, not because of some representation of black people - but then I wouldn't think like that as a child, and that was who Ms Blyton was writing for.

In hindsight, the criticisim is valid - but you can criticise just about any cultural reference with hindsight and accuse it of using the norms of its time which are no longer acceptable.

And honestly, where does this get us?

As an adult I fully accept that Ms Blyton was no Shakespere, and her shortcomings which are simply a reflection of the times she lived in.

That's because I'm a grown-up - I don't need these things pointed out to me by some attention-seeking moralising twonk with a stick up their bottom and a chip on both shoulders.

I look back with great affection at Ms Blyton's work, and remember she helped to turn me into the voracious reader I am today, and I am perfectly happy not to join in the persecution of her memory for purposes I cannot begin to imagine, or would spend a nanosecond thinking about.

Wokeism - a curse on your houses, all of you.
That copy of Helen Bannerman's book doesn't get good reviews TTT, if you're after some of her works Jack I'd shop around a bit.
My eldest sister loved her Golliwog(g) just in case there's a bot on this word. Is she now woke? To her defence, there's no blue plaque involved.
I certainly don't recall people getting so cross about the criticisms of Blyton's works in the 60s and 70s.

May I ask too, is no one fed up of using the word 'woke' so often - it sounds like a yard of hens laying (or trying to lay) square eggs.

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