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Paigntonian | 15:45 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | News
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How on earth can Hancock survive after Cummings produces emails from Boris calling Hancock XXX-useless?


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Because this will be seen for what it is - yesterday's man trying to stay 'in touch' by being a bigger idiot than he has been already - which is some feat - and it will all die down in a day or so.

Cummings has no credibility whatsoever, no-one is interested in his petty spiteful stirring, it's time he returned to the obscurity he so richly deserves.
There's an earlier thread with quite a few comments.
Depends upon the circumstances and situation.
I once called a junior " pathetic " in a moment of temper and he became Professor of Surgery at
I have been called " useless" many times.
Just get used to is often said in a moment of frustration and temper
I never was a great fan of Cummings ,but I am now. Sock it to them Dom.
I don't think there'll be too many people eager to step into Hancock's shoes at the moment.
REally AH?

I suspect many will be lapping this up to use in the forthcoming political struggle.

The Tories under Johnson have lost the plot - they are not Tories. There will be back bench 'revolts', although most likely behind closed curtains.

Boris should nt have spent all that money on No10!
How about JRM taking Hancocks job on. He has been kept under lock and key by his party. I am sure he could be equally as boring.
YMB - // REally AH?

I suspect many will be lapping this up to use in the forthcoming political struggle. //

Yes really.

I am sure that there are things that can be used to batter Boris with in the future, but the spiteful whiney posturing of a former advisor with an axe to grind, and zero credibility behind him, is never going to be one of them.
Cummings’ accusation was that he sent elderly people back to care homes which had no testing and no PPE. 50,000 died.

That is pretty serious. If true not only should he lose his job, he should’ve barred for life.

Cummings disclosure merely confirms that everyone in Downing Street thought Hancock not up to the job.

The reason Johnson has not sacked Hancock is that he needs someone to sack in the future when an inquiry says the Government cocked up.
Sqad has it right. If Boris had really thought Hancock useless he’d have replaced him. Sour grapes is all Cummings can spout now.
The names of the chaps are important of course but MrCummings is saying the Prime Minister said these things about the Health secretary .Should this not be investigated .
Why? Has Hancock made a formal complaint?
Boris won’t sack Hancock because he needs someone to sack once the enquiry concludes.

Also to the point that no-one’s interested in the story…3.193 comments in the Mail alone.
That should be 3,193 not 3.193
Hi sp1814

Gromit here. Hi!
As if we didn't know already, Sunk.
I don’t think sp1814 knows Iwas Gromit.
Sunk, in your previous life you were Gromit and I always thought that you were a Mod. If I am incorrect then ignore my question. However, if I am correct then does Sunk inherit your rank as AB moderator?
spiteful whiney posturing of a former advisor

now come on, andy, this isn't posturing, he's produced the emails. I have yet to see Boris deny them. So you're trying to shoot the messenger. Have you any comment on the message?
No I am not a mod. it was an onerous task and other ABers resented it. I am well shut of that liability. I Reinvented myself means that some other poor sap has to delete all the Keto spam at 5am in the morning :-)

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