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Paigntonian | 15:45 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | News
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How on earth can Hancock survive after Cummings produces emails from Boris calling Hancock XXX-useless?


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Boris's problem is that in his Night of the Long Knives he replaced a reasonable Cabinet with his sycophants without regard to their talent (not recognising that to support him they'd have to be a bit stupid in the first place).

So he's lumbered with the likes of Hopeless Hancock, Priti Useless, etc.

And of course, until his wife twigged it, he got Dopey Dom as his chief advisor.

This time last year the press and bbc didn't believe a word cummings said, now they are hanging on his every word
jno - //
spiteful whiney posturing of a former advisor

now come on, andy, this isn't posturing, he's produced the emails. I have yet to see Boris deny them. So you're trying to shoot the messenger. Have you any comment on the message? //

I'm not trying to shoot the messenger - there is no 'messenger', there is only a nasty arrogant pointless stirer who spent his professional life dressing like a nine-year-old skate boarder and driping nonsense into the PM's ear.

Now devoid of power, he is intent on causing trouble, which will fail because he has no credibility whatsoever, however 'right' he may be convinced he is, no-one is listening because no-one cares.
Sunk....I appreciate your answer.
Oh Golly gosh Boris swears in a WhatsApp to slimeball Cummings about Hancock….hold the front page those that haven’t done similar ? The difference being you don’t blackmail that person ,well not unless you’re a loser like the liar called Cummings that is
Having watched the 7+ hours of Cummings' appearance and most of Hancock's, I know which one I found more convincing.
were there two gromits? I can still see an active one
andy, have you any comment on the message? Just an answer to the OP would do...
Mr Johnson calling Mr Hancock effing useless may be just another lie from the Greatest Living Englishman.

He has form doncha know.
the Daily Star. not my media of choice, but they've summed up the hancock-cummings situation pretty well.....
The posts I saw could have easily been taken out of context. Hopeless? Yes the situation but not necessarily Hancock. You can do all sorts with technology these days.
Thinking out loud here, shouldn't Cummings be done under the official secrets act?
There's a definite sense that Cummings is such a git himself that whatever he might reveal will be met with a huge 'yeah whatever' from everyone.

If he'd been a more likeable and honest character, things might be different.

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