Covid Nurses.

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gulliver1 | 19:25 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | News
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How is the NHS managing during the covid pandemic with the shortage of nurses. Most had to return to their own countries because of Brexit . It is said they are 36,000 Nurse short.


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I watched the Tonight programme a few days ago about the effect of Brexit. Maybe the OP watched the same programme as it was stated that Brexit had caused a huge shortage of NHS nurses and recruitment is currently from countries like the Philippines.
I have no opinion as to the accuracy of the claims in the programme
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22.16 This uneducated lot on here were so radicalised about Brexit, by Johnson and Farage . They would not believe the Tonight programme even if they had watched it.
The NHS was awash with Filipino nurses long before Brexit. It's the dying throes of Project Fear.
I got the impression the ones who left did so because they were underpaid, underappreciated and in terrible working conditions. They could improve all these by doing the same jobs in different countries.

I'm sure Brexit has stopped other nurses from overseas coming to the UK, but I doubt it's been a direct reason for them leaving.
5 million people have taken up the option of staying in the UK, those foreign nationals who could have gone home, i got that from the BBC the other evening. They must include foreign doctors and nurses.
if you weren't so alarmist then you wouldn't post such drivel.
// 22.16 This uneducated lot on here were so radicalised about Brexit, by Johnson and Farage//
hi goolee
this has been really badly reported by the media - I think with a view to inflame. Cohorts of immigrant workers are not going to be chained to radiators whilst their old colonial master advance on them with 10-pointed pitch forks each with a 1 ml syringe on the tine
but it reads like it

those inn patient care have to be vaccinated
if no- then desk duties or potato peeling
when the desks are full, or the potatoes peeled
it will be lawful to fire them as excess to reqts

no chains no radiators no pitch forks

buut listening to the beeb it seems like it

Current advice is on Hep B - you cant get a NHS job now unless you are, and having read it minutely, it requires very little tweaking
PP I thought this was about Brexit and its effect on recruitment and retention of nurses and not about whether nurses/care home staff get vaccinnated, unless I missed a comment your referring to
yes you are right
I thought goolee was dwelling on todays news
and not what happened last year some time whhch is done and dusted and so much history it is taught to primary skool kids

oops again - silly me- but hey this is AB !
Brexit - - - havent we DONE that ?
gulliver will never give up on Brexit Peter and will probly still be going on about Boris too and insulting Bobbysox long after they've left this earth
how true how true
can you say that in Welsh?
see OXfam thread
I heard that Bull Sheeting is going to be in the Olympics this year. Gully should win the gold hands down.
We were 'importing' Nurses from countries all over before Brexit and as the official figures show not all went back.

Personally I think this is very wrong. Taking medical staff from countries that can barely afford to train them in the first place is totally unacceptable. We need a proper training program, and in the case of Nurses NO degree.
// We need a proper training program //

and there's the rub. training is expensive. far better to headhunt someone who's ready trained. you can't blame those from lesser economies than ours jumping at the chance, the wages on offer are undreamed of in their home countries.
I agree, ymb. And it isn't the training that's the problem- that gets paid for, it's retention of staff. If there is a shortage (which there always is), you have to pay more. Not steal qualified staff from other countries and pay to convert them.
of course importing is much faster,,,training takes time. I totally agree that poaching trained staff from other countries is not right....better to offer internships if staff need to travel to learn certain specialities. When I was at work, I refused to contribute funding to a "poaching exercise" being planned by the local AHA (when there were AHA's) and I ws called the then equivalent of "woke"
PS I think that folk who accept public sector paid training should commit to working in the UK for a given number of paying back a student loan.

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Covid Nurses.

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