Unlocked Part Two

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gulliver1 | 18:11 Mon 14th Jun 2021 | News
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How many Abers think the UK will be unlocked on July 19th ?.
I think No.... , anyone agree with me.


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It’s the 29th, love. Jesus.
Sorry, zacs, it is the 19th
Pretty sure Boris just said 29th.
I heard the 19th, and I am confident it will unlock then.

The government has a far greater grasp of the logistics of the vaccination programme, and can clearly predict that the vaccination numbers in the younger members of society necessary to unlock, can and will be reached.

It's a disappointment, but the reasoning is sound and the decision is, I believe, the right one.
My apologies, gulli.
Im becoming more cynical by the day. I think there will be another delay, another change to rules. I hope I'm wrong.
Yes, I believe it’s the correct decision.
BTW he did quote 2 diff dates in his speech! Bo the the 19th and the 29th. I thought I'd misheard at first.
Yes, I can’t see why not, we have to learn to live with it, Zac, it’s the 19th , just got a notification on my phone
Thru most of the announcement he said 19th. But there was one moment when he definately said 29th. My husband and I both went "what?!" to the diff date comment
He slipped up with the date, he is very nervous
Yes I just re-watched a date slip up is a pretty serious one even if its cos he's nervous.

He said 29th at the 7 minute mark.
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Wonder what odds the A/B bookie will be offering this time, think it was 66-1 on the previous date of june 21st.
We've been softened up for the past week or more about this delay. No one is surprised by anything they say now.
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18.32, He just can't help it they just roll of his tongue.
At last an admission that we will have to live with the virus.
Aye Dave, but on terms dictated by the contol freak rulers who flip and flop like a freshly landed trout.

Somebody needs to grow a pair.
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I am surprised Boris appeared today. I thought he would have pushed Hancock up front.
No one knows.
But I’d rather this ended with a “well that’s it: no going back: we live with it from now on” than a “we may have to …”
And if that means hanging on a little then so be it
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What happened to Boris's road map.?
Maybe he ought to buy himself a sat nav.

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Unlocked Part Two

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