Boris Jolly Holiday

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smurfchops | 22:28 Sat 12th Jun 2021 | News
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Is he having a serious Summit Conference? Looks like a jolly holiday for all, at our expense, put another burger on the barbie Boris.


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Well, he had to do it somewhere and he chose to do it in Cornwall
I guess they're allowed time off to eat.

I like his new bike too, swish.
You should know by now, Boris doesn't do serious
apparently he is enjoying himself
chrissakes - Carbis Bay isnt exactly Cesars palace is it
more like The Ritts
//You should know by now, Boris doesn't do serious//

colour piece in the Times on tht very subject - and took the view that in some cases it is a help and in others yo can expect no progress
It's all part of this Government's green credentials. They want to showcase Cornwall because they want us to go there and not have any foreign holidays. They hate the aviation industry and make no mistake, soon there will be no airlines to take anyone anywhere so you might as well get used to it.
Go on...let's hear a bit of criticism for the other leaders taking part...Biden, Merkel, Macron etc,etc. They are all having a jolly holiday...right?
If your holiday itinerary is anything like his for this trip you must be a real bundle of laughs. Let us know where and when you're going so we can be sure to avoid it.
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i doubt if there is time to really relax at this summit, lets hope that something comes of it. I like the Bicycle, very patriotic.
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rude and unnecessary. ^^
Correct and very neccesary.
Good for him. I might join him!
Meet you there Lcg ;0)
Is there a link with pictures so we can see what you talking about.?
they are married now get over it
Gulliver, having an obsession with someone else's love life isn't healthy, you know. Perhaps you should speak to a psychiatrist.

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