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Is she still there?
Desperately seeking covid before Monday announcement
I quite fancy Joe ...
Boris loves beachcombing but dislikes hair combing..

Oh my god, she's up the stick again.
Oh hell what did she say her name was
I hate that colour, gives me a headache. Is she one of my gurls ?
My God, what colour is her lingerie tonight? The Queen is going to be at the Eden - Cripes?
"Gawd, she's nicked Kate's engagement ring!"
22.10, Once again Canary you are spot on, well done.

Just thing - I'll be Lady one day!
I never said drive to Cleethorpes!
'Gawd, why did she almost curtsy when introduced to Mrs Biden?'
I wish you told me before we got married you used to be a man.
awful dress, what a terrible colour,
Say cheese.....

Hang on, I can feel seagull poop on my head.....
if she had a stripe downwards she would look like a stick of rock.

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