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Canary42 | 20:24 Thu 10th Jun 2021 | News
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Let's hope the "experts" have got it right regarding the low level of danger to the general public.

They must be right, it last sighting was over 18 months ago by Bobbisox !


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i wonder how it arrived here, like the indian covid now delta variant did
and specially in the boondocks of wales.
imported apparently
yeah welsh wales
Quick diagnosis - keeps monkeys?
maybe be wary in glasgow, too......
Lets lockdown forever!
Worse things lurk around Cambuslang.
// Worse things lurk around Cambuslang. //

yes, I met him on the way back from Carstairs a year or two back (the hooter wasn't going off, btw) - he gave me a whisky which means he wasn't all bad.
//Quick diagnosis - keeps monkeys?//

Or ... eats monkeys?
read somewhere it was someone from the darkest congo david livingstone surely not.
The first human case was indeed recorded in the Congo in 1970, there's a mini flare up every once in a while - it isn't really new.
Cambuslang is only a hop, skip and jump from Blantyre where the great man was born.

The plot thickens. :-)

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