Boris Cleared Over His Flat Redecorating

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theshedman | 16:31 Fri 28th May 2021 | News
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I see Boris has been cleared over the redecorating of his flat at number 10 or 11. This news should make gulliver happy. I think not.


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Oh, good. I am pleased. I shall sleep well tonight.
i have just seen this, though he acted unwisely, he's been cleared on any misconduct.
One more sleaze accusation bites the dust. This makes Starmer and his wallpaper stunt look even more silly.
it does rather ^^
The only redecorating Gully does is whitewashing his bedroom ceiling...
Mind you have you seen it? The sight of it after it was done was criminal. Is Nut Nuts planning on selling a few bags of luck heather and reading the tea leaves? Next thing you know there will be a pile of old tyres outside No.10 and a broken kiddies trampoline.
Oh dear, Gully will be desperate now - how about making up stories about Dilyn beating up and trying to chew up Larry the cat - why can't Labour concentrate on coming up with some sensible strategies/campaign plan rather than trying to fire off Shadow Ministerial bullets that either miss the mark or are blanks....but then KS comes across as being somewhat anaemic and blank, so I guess it's to be expected. Labour Party indeed - it should be the Labouring Party.
The faith is strong in these ones.
The problem is, some people have so much money, they can actually 'miss' a sum of tens of thousands of pounds being paid on their behalf.

That kind of thing makes the average citizen really angry, becuase they would love to be wealthy enough to be able not to wonder where such a sum came from.

I still get seriously het up when I remember Terry Wogan being paid nine grand for presenting Children In Need when people on a fraction of his bank balance were giving up their time and skills for nothing.

When he was confronted, he had the gall to say that he was 'unaware' he was being paid, and would have done the show for nothing.

Again, that is someone with too much money, if they can 'not know' that nine thousand has dropped into their bank account.

And again the similarity is - stupid behaviour which shows the subject in a bad light with the rest of us - but that is not the same as acting illegally.
I did not expect any of Boris's Radicalised Supporters on A/B, to think for one moment he would be found guilty. But it's looking a bit sick for his puppet Hancock.
he was unwise and lacked rigour, and that's cause for rejoicing for his adherents.
Are all Tory voters radicalised?

I only ask as I’ve only ever voted Tory, but I don’t consider myself radical.
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gulliver sounds like an old gramophone record that's got stuck. Don't agree with him and you are radicalised. Seems to be his word of the year. Maybe next year when he learned another we will get that for a year or so. Doesn't sound like they found out Hancock has done much wrong either so that's another of gulliver's rants gone. Oh dear oh dear. What's he going to make up next.
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There's only one around here gulliver and most know who it is. Nice of you to reply for a change though.
I expect The David Brownlow Charitable Foundation will be getting a visit from the Charities Commission.

// The David Brownlow Charitable Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives and wellbeing of individuals and communities where there is an element of disadvantage, through personal development such as education, the provision of new equipment, or the improvement and regeneration of their community. //

Highly embarrassing that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is cadging charity money intended for the ‘disadvantaged’.

There is a strong whiff of whitewash over this report.
at least its been looked into, which is more than many get.
The Prime Minister commissioned nearly £60K of work on his accommodation, without knowing where the invoices were being sent, other than not to Boris Johnson.

When asked who was paying, he did not know. It turns out a high up Conservative Peer in the House of Lords settled all the bills with his personal money (or rather his Charity’s money).

Another Peer exonerates Johnson because he pleaded ignorance to everything. These elites live in a different world to the rest of us. £60K arrives by magic from somewhere and the PM eagerly spends it, no questions asked.
so what you are saying is that this money was supplied by someone else, why then did Boris say he footed the bill, and why does the report largely exonerate him.
not that he had anything else to think about, either.......

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Boris Cleared Over His Flat Redecorating

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