Boris Cleared Over His Flat Redecorating

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theshedman | 16:31 Fri 28th May 2021 | News
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I see Boris has been cleared over the redecorating of his flat at number 10 or 11. This news should make gulliver happy. I think not.


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Wouldn't it be nice if you went to pay a huge bill and you were told an anonomous person had paid it for

Whitewash - as expected.
DTC; "Not that he had anything else to think about, either..."
Yeah, he was too busy thinking of things to write about Bill Shakespeare to worry about interior decoration.
£60K comes through your letterbox, so you go and spend it. When the source is queried you say “I’ve been a bit too busy to find out”.

On a different planet to the rest of us.
he's been admonished, but cleared from any ministerial misconduct, what more do you want, sackcloth and ashes.
And you’re taking that at face value are you, Em?
Anyone on this thread who believes a word Boris says ,
Must still believe in Father Christmas.
Only another 4 years to listen to him, gulli.
// One more sleaze accusation bites the dust. This makes Starmer and his wallpaper stunt look even sillier//

no no - as an aspiring FF coppola - - take 2 !

Starmer does his wallpaper stunt and says into camera
" I dont know how much is, but I'll take it anway!"
Clerk: will you pay by card sir, or cash
Starmer for it is he - pretending to be bo jo - - frobbles hair and says" oh no comeone else will do that!"
ter daaah !

ay thenk yew
// Yeah, he was too busy thinking of things to write about Bill Shakespeare//

three judases - each thrice worse than Judas !
have they made peace,
kisst and told? Terrible hell
shll make war on their deposed souls

hey I am as good at goggling shakie as Latin and greek !

( Reeshar zegond) in case anyone wondered - I mean reader, when it comes down to it, would I rather read shakespeare or yet more AB
So to recap
- Boris is skint and asks for donations for his flat.
- Lord Brownlea chips in £60K from his Charity.
- There’s a bit of a stink.
- Lord Brownlea says Boris paid him back.

That doesn’t ring true even though another Lord presents it as a explanation.
Whats happened to the inquiry into the Prity Patel Lobbying sleaze ?.
Gulliver //Whats happened to the inquiry into the Prity Patel Lobbying sleaze ?.//
Sill in progress.
Hmmm, seems a bit of a whitewash to me. My problem is the donation not being registered correctly, something Johnson seems to fail miserably at, rather than the money. I suspect he isn't doing it deliberately its all part of the chaotic life he leads. But do we want that in a PM? For me personally the answer is no.

Boris needs to be whiter than white from now on. Another failure to register donations should result in him going immediately. No ifs, no buts.
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Just in case gulliver thinks it is me reporting his posts which seem to be disappearing it is not. I would never have them removed as it just shows the type of person he comes across as.

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Boris Cleared Over His Flat Redecorating

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