Gordon Ramsay’s Daughtet

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smurfchops | 17:15 Thu 27th May 2021 | News
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Complaining of a double sex assault. Is this the same daughter who wants to appear on Love Island?


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What on earth is a double sex assault?
Are you suggesting a link between the assault and appearing on a TV show?
7th May

//Now, Holly has commented on the rumours, denying she'd be taking part.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she writes "Thanks for all the lovely messages but no, I'm definitely not appearing on Love Island."//
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In today’s Daily Mail. Page 17. Double sex assault.
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So what if she was appearing on Love Island?
Exactly Barry - I see no connection/relevance whatsoever
Isn't this like victim blaming?
It is ummmm :-/
It's quite bizarre really.
also, not really news
This could easily be misinterpreted as an attempt to kickstart a career in mental health expertism by presenting vague, nebulous stuff peppered with buzzwords du jour.
This could also be the scummy press threatening to expose, just like they did to Schofield.
‘Complaining’? She’s not talking about returning a jumper that shrunk in the wash.
//So what if she was appearing on Love Island?//

Have you seen Love Island?

If you have suffered badly from being sexually attacked twice this particular program is certainly not suitable for you. Thats if she is doing it.
She says she's not.

She didn't appear on their family programme. She chose to opt out and this was mainly about family life and cooking. I very much doubt her debut would be on Love Island (I've never watched it but get the gist)
I’ve never watched it either
I suspected that might be the case Ummm, Ramsey's children dont seem to have sought the limelight like many other 'clebs' have.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Daughtet

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