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gulliver1 | 16:45 Wed 26th May 2021 | News
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Boris Johnson not fit for the Job of Prime Minister , Says Dominic Cummings
Anyone agree with him.......I do...


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The sad thing is that Boris is only there because the Labour Party have consistently managed to choose someone even worse. Where are the Giants of yesteryear (Gaitskill, Attlee, Bevin, Bevan, Castle, Lee, etc.)
So why din't he say that when they were best buds? He's coming across as an embittered dumped lover.
Cummings should be charged under the Official Secrets act and learn from the Bletchley Girls.
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Was Cummings a Civil servant , and would he come under the official secrets act ?.
This is all revenge for Boris making him do the Downing St back garden interview. His anger seems to have gotten the better of him and made him lose all sense of perspective. He was an important part of the very system he’s criticising.
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I think Cummings is better at telling the truth than Boris is. Don't think Boris knows what the word truth means.
Gulliver..''Was Cummings a Civil servant , and would he come under the official secrets act ?.''

An advisor at his level would surely be privy to highly confidential discussions and information which would require signing the OS act. I had to as a humble squaddie.
Unfortunately, the many postings you make on here mean that no one gives a shinyShiite what you think.
ITV NEWS hit the nail on the head with their opening headline,
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The Rebel with a cause, then Dave .
Y'know what? I couldn't care less whether Cummings is lying or not. I'm just enjoying seeing a reprehensible human battling against his rather dodgy former boss, while the AB right scramble to disavow themselves from the guy they formally adored for his part in bringing Brexit about. An enjoyable dose of schadenfreude.
Credit where credit is due. There’s nothing commendable about disloyalty - or spiteful vitriol.
The ab right have never liked Cummings Mozz. It's Boris they adore, which is why the media will go on about this for weeks, but it will have zero effect of the popularity of The Boris.
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As its often been said ,Cummings knows where the bodies are buried, and I don't think this is the last we will hear from him . I Think there is more to come ,
a lot more. I hope.
However much more there is, is irrelevant. Boris is Mr Teflon at the moment and for the foreseeable.
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I think if Cummings and Gove join forces they could well topple Boris.
You're probably right Tomus, but I intend to enjoy the shiitstorm while I can.
Is Boris fit for the job - I'm sure its no surprise for everyone to see me wrote NO.

Whilst Cummings is clearly taking revenge there is no resaon to suspect that he is not telling the truth, at least for the majority of it. Cummings made Johnson and without hi its obvious Johnson is lurching to the liberal 'green' left as pushed by his floozie (As DC calls her Princess nut nuts). Johnson is literally being led by his Johnson.

I want a proper Tory party back so the sooner the likes of Johnson and Hancock leave the better.

Rishi for PM!
//Where are the Giants of yesteryear (Gaitskill, Attlee, Bevin, Bevan, Castle, Lee, etc.)//

Rare we agree Canary but you are bang on the nail with this post. Unfortunately the same could be said of the so called Tory party that is currently anything but one, instead being more "New Tory". Just look at the Likes of Call me Dave, Useless May and now Johnson.

Just what has happened? Seems to be the same in many other countries too, just look at the USA and France.
i don't agree that they are turning into the Greens - Cummings is a rat who turned on his former boss, no loyalty at all. though why one would expect it heavens only knows.

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