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gulliver1 | 16:36 Tue 25th May 2021 | News
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Dominic Cummings is to be quizzed tomorrow about the actions of Boris , and lockdown decisions. Will there be explosive revelations from D/C ,?
with Boris watching through his fingers.
Will Gove be lurking in the wings ? waiting his chance for an attempt for premiership.


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stop it gully don't get too excited me old china!
there will probably be revelations, quite whether he is going to stick the knife into Boris and the Tories, remains to be seen.
Don't know and don't care quite frankly. I would hardly call that shower "select" anyway.
According to you in the past gulliver Cummings was pulling all the strings when he was at number 10 so whatever Boris did it was cummings idea. So going on that, whatever he says will drop himself in it as much as it does Boris.
Probably not, and no.
theshedman very good point.
Question Author
Is this Goves chance for Dom to Bulldoze a path,
for Gove to follow in his Ministerial Car
for heavens sake gulliver, the meeting hasn't taken place yet, lets see what he has to say tomorrow.
I think Cummings is just making himself look more ridiculous, untrustworthy and malicious.

He is now coming out and saying if it had been handled better we could have avoided any lockdowns. Which planet is he on?

He couldn't himself even follow the restrictions we had.

I hope they laugh in his face.
Question Author
16.53. Wonder if Cummings will bring Symonds into some of his answers , Emmie .
Gully ♥ Dom
I also take the approach of waiting to see what transpires and then discussing it if necessary.
Mr Cummings may have been the power behind the throne but the Greatest Living Conservative can't really shovel the blame onto his adviser without looking like a dithering, clueless puppet in thrall to Machiavelli to say nothing of his burd.

Johnsonism, if indeed there was ever such a thing, could be unravelling at a frantic pace.

I'm looking forward to whatever wheeze the great minds of Conservatism think will be enough to save their favourite oaf.
If he does carry on, DC will find himself on a one-way flight to Minsk.
Cummings was part of all this so he’s as much to blame as anyone
Question Author
17.35 But this is not the same Cummings , this is a Cummings Scorned by Symonds.
Question Author
Boris did not attend the first few Covid emergency meetings because he had appointments with a publisher to arrange a £100.000 advance payment for a book he was writing.
Thanks for the tip, Gulliver, look forward to reading Boris' book- have always enjoyed his writings. Do you have a link please?
gulliver doesn't do links, or can't -
All he has to do is tell the truth, ie, that lockdown was a complete waste of time because the UK still went to the top of the world league for infection and death rates. World leaders in fighting Covid! Great stuff! Er, well, no. Er, well, yes. Yeah but no but yeah but no but........

He should just tell the select committee what the rest of us know; that the PM is a useless selfish waster. Apart from that, everything's fine thanks! :o)

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