Texas Loosens Limits On Carrying Handguns

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EdmundD | 12:42 Tue 25th May 2021 | News
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Gun control - what gun control?


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no control, you can get a gun unlicensed. Madness.
What could possibly go wrong?
I've been in American supermarkets where you can buy a gun to pop in your trolley along with the groceries.

It's estimated that there are more guns in the USA than people (300 million)
that i can well believe.
You'll probably find that it doesn't affect anyone in the UK.
Have a cup of tea and calm down y'all.
don't drink tea, and im perfectly calm... douglas...
It's Texas, not the UK. Also its handguns, they can already carry a rifle unlicensed so not really a great deal of a problem than they have already.

I must say though, why have unlicensed guns? I dont see how requiring a licence could 'invalidate' the second amendment.
It’s mutually assured destruction.
It is how the world was run during the cold war.
As long as the bad guys have weapons, the good guys MUST have them too.
No one can stop having weapons because the other side will win.

Thankfully it dawned on us in the 1990s that it was all nonsense. Everyone disarmed, the the world was a better place.
The same could happen on the US mainland. But the country is too corrupt. A lot of people are making a lot of money out of selling guns (to the bad guys and the good guys). They use their money to buy politicians off to prevent any disarmament at all. And thousands die.
//Everyone disarmed,...//

Did they? I must have missed it. So did these people:
There never has been that much control in Texas to begin with - registration is nominal, training non-existent and as long as you don't openly carry a weapon....

There was one incident while I was there, two cars engaged in some road rage on Westheimer in Houston. Come to a red light and one guy gets out. The other, in a Merc, leans over to his glove box, pulls out his gun and plugs the guy outside the car.

"I was only defending myself as he was starting to threaten me." Profession of the Merc driver - yes, a lawyer, and there was no court case.

The only ways that some control will be achieved is by limiting multiple-repeat weaponry (as per rapid fire/machine guns) and as I have always said, 'tax the bullets through the roof' and then give credits back to those who legitimately have rifles etc (gun clubs within, farmers etc - even the police - yes they have to buy their own munitions in Texas).
Judge: Standard lefty description because they cannot stand the fact that Ronnie and Maggie won the cold war.

From 70,000 Nuclear weapons to 13,000 now is a huge disarmament.
Of course rogue nations like India/Pakistan and Israel never listen to world opinion .
There's still enough nuclear out there to obliterate the planet several times over.

No one won the cold war.

Russia went bankrupt, Gorbachev told Thatcher he was willing to disarm Russia if the West reciprocated. Thatcher go Reagan to listen and the result was a safer world. Credit to everyone involved.
Problem in the USA, money talks and it is saying keep selling guns. Profits before lives.
Gromit, Nope! So Russia went bankrupt, I'd say they lost by default then, they could not carry on and the West was receptive, the west could have carried on indefinitely. Sounds like a surrender to me.

It was a draw - much to everyones relief

If we won, what were the spoils from our victory ?
It plays to the politicians, which is why they endorse such nonsense.

The NRA's argument is always - The answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Which I always believe, misses the fundamental point which is - how soon after he has a gun does a good guy become a bad guy?

It's a simple fact - carried weapons get used, so if more people carry them, the death toll will rise.

It's not the governnor is too stupid to understannd that simple fact - it's simply that, if he doesn't sign off on it, he can kiss re-election goodbye.
Communism mostly gone
no need to worry about the Soviet union
Mush less expense on defence
many ex Soviet Bloc countries are now in the civilised world
How could it possible be a draw except to anti western lefties? They surrendered for all intents and purposes because they could no longer afford the system they worked under.
Some of the comments above originally appeared in The Ladybird Bumper Book Of International Politics.

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Texas Loosens Limits On Carrying Handguns

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