Bbc Bashing.

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Atheist | 19:15 Sat 22nd May 2021 | News
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I'm surprised that there's no post here about the alleged BBC scandal. Do ABers think that Princess Di's interview was forced by Bashir, or vice versa? How does the 'gutter press' come out of all this?


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Thanks, Mamy.
As far as I can see nobody held a gun to her head and she was looking (quite rightly) for a little payback so I am failing to understand the furore but I’ve not looked that deeply into it
The way I see it is that she was miserable but somehow dealing with it, but the forgeries pushed her into blowing the whole thing up with the famous interview.

I'm not sure that was a bad thing to be honest.

Bashir is still a scumbag though. People are jumping on it to attack the BBC of course when the tabloids do worse every day if they think they can get away with it.
two issues, I think: did the interviewer use unethical means to secure the interview, and did this work?

The answer to the second seems to be No, she was pleased to give the interview and wrote a memo to the effect that she hadn't been pressured into it.

The first answer is a clear Yes, shockingly unethical. And the BBC's "investigation" seems to have been pretty fraudulent

As for the tabloids, well, they won't exactly be recounting their own failings but there's some detail here
Up here in Scotland the SNP hate the Beeb,so it looks like nationalists on both sides of the border are in agreement here.
I don't hate the BBC, its just lost its way.
I hate it when a news item starts " The BBC has discovered......
The media will, like any political party, twist,lie, distort, misreport, doctor, manipulate, whatever it takes to feather their own nests. Then they wonder why Joe public resists or fails to respect any sort of moral standard.
The BBC should be wound up. It is an expensive anachronism that no longer serves a purpose and only survives courtesy of a compulsory tax on all TV users.

The final straw for me was the Cliff Richard affair. Grudgingly the BBC apologised but insisted it was right to do what it did (i.e. use information provided illegally by the South Yorkshire police and put a helicopter up to film a search warrant being executed at Sir Cliff's apartment). Two million smackeroonies paid in compo and legal costs (still leaving Sir Cliff out of pocket). Buy hey-ho - it's only licence payers' dosh.

Wind the whole sorry institution up and if those running it want to continue doing so as a commercial enterprise, then good luck to them. They can employ Martin Bashir to do whatever they like then (if they survive long enough to produce anything that anybody wants, that is).
Really dont understand what the fuss is all about. Martin Bashir getting his hands on some dodgy bank statments is nothing to do with the situation with Charles or Camilla, or Diana being very unhappy or her dying 2 years later
//Martin Bashir getting his hands on some dodgy bank statments//

He didnt get his hands on them, he had them made up by a graphic designer who whistleblew.

Time the BBC was wound up, well past its sell by date and it is morally wrong to tax the public even if they dont watch the BBC.

If not would up then subscription, then those that say it is good value can pay for it. Bet many wont think it is good value if they have the choice though!

I dont have a licence, there is nothing on live tv I want to watch and Amazon is half the price of a BBC licence and I get free next day postage thrown in.
The fact that the SNP eejits hate the Beeb make me more of an admirer of the BBC.Any grouping that stands up to these fasc...sorry,nationalists has my full support.
Martin Bashir appears to be dishonest. He span Diana lies which is terrible. This is a big black mark for the BBC and may hasten the debate of the corporations future.
Martin Bashir should have written all his lies on the side of a bus and driven around the country. After a few weeks he’d be forgiven, never mind 20 odd years. Hypocrisy rules the dimwitted of AB / UK.

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