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MWG14 | 08:04 Tue 18th May 2021 | News
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People in the UK seem to moan a lot and winge more than they used to. Does anyone agree with me?


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perhaps if one does its because we have been cooped up since last March and its been fractious for everyone.
Some people may agree with you, personally I haven't noticed an increase.
No, I dont.

Wingers have always done it, just that they used to have to put pen to paper and write to the Editor. Now all they have to do is vent on TwitFace which is easier and has given a loud mouth minority a platform bigger than they actually are.

Just think, how many actually moan? A few hundred thousand maybe? What about the othe 60 odd million inthe UK alone that dont?
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I think I should have written whinge rather than winge but I'm sure you knew what I meant.
No, I disagree.

We have a lot more avenues to broadcast and publish our feelings, so they are more visible. But people 100 years ago were peed off just as much as people today.
no there has always been a lot of it about

you DO realised that you are moaning about moaning? - self-referential, not really AB fare
yes no we have wingers on AB as well
and by God dont they ! - -- wing it
No, people seem far more friendly than they used to and optimistic about finally having some sort of normality, whatever that is.
Definitely, and what's more back in the olden days on the rare occasions when people would moan they would have a proper moan, not like the sub-standard moans people have nowadays.
Are you moaning about the moaners? :)
moaning is certainly a national sport in the UK but I don't think we do it more than we used to! ... just different generations want to moan about different things.
Ah nothing like a good moan to start the day!
Maggiebee. I agree.

Feel free to report and have removed from a 'News' thread ;-)
I enjoy a good moan and I always find something to moan about. Usually trivial things wind me up.
I sent in a written moan using a paragraph formatting tool. It was completely justified.
10:56 moaning about the weather constantly, it is what is it
I never moan but I do get a kick in starting people off. :0)
‘I never moan’

ha. Ha ha. Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa. HA HA HA HAAAAAAA!

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