"Crisis" At The Beeb?

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Khandro | 11:15 Mon 17th May 2021 | News
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Andrew Marr, ( £360,000-a-year Marxist!) host of BBC One's Sunday morning politics show, says he is thinking of leaving the BBC because the new Director General wants news staff to be more neutral in their interviewing.
What's the crisis?


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//the new Director General wants news staff to be more neutral in their interviewing.//

Good grief! The BBC more neutral in their interviewing? Expect a mass exodus.
Too right Naomi. Bet on it;-))
Ah, the Express. That well known supporter of Aunty.
More a Noo Laybore luvvy, but he's terrible anyway all he does is dig up something they said in the past and beat them to death with it like no one is every allowed to change their mind.
At least he's been making £360.000 a year for digging
Hardly a crisis Khandro. It doesn't say anywhere that he is "thinking of leaving the BBC". It says that in order to express his own beliefs, he would have to. I would imagine that most people in his walk of life yearn for the freedom to express themselves openly.

I did like the last sentence- The BBC stalwart also spoke about his flirtation with Marxism when he was a student.

The Express giving that little nugget with no context, just to give their readership something else to get frothy-mouthed over.
Mozz, I don't see anyone getting 'frothy mouthed'. And there were you yesterday banging on about having respect for other people - or did you mean just the people who agree with you?
Oi, Mozz! I read the Express. And the Mirror. And i don't get frothy-mouthed reading either. I take what both papers say with a huge pinch of salt :-)
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
Ken, always a good tactic with the papers.

Sunk- was that aimed at me? I never said he was a Marxist, or asked any question.
//Regarding his political affiliations, he was formerly a Maoist and a member of the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory, a left-wing pressure group founded by Labour Party members, now known as the Alliance for Workers' Liberty. At Cambridge, Marr says he was a "raving leftie" who handed out copies of Mao Zedong's Little Red Book and he acquired the nickname "Red Andy"//

From Wiki.

And he a man who enjoyed the benefits of a pretty privileged upbringing. Par for the course for the lefties.
Naomi @ 11:49. It was a generalisation, not aimed at the good, free thinking people of AB. As for the rest of it: after you m'dear.
After me what? Hypocrisy isn't my style.
After you with the respectfulness.
You will be ... always.
I pity the new director general. He has a large task on his hands. The bias in recent years is so obvious. The BBC (apart from it's dramas) is unwatchable now. Haven't watched Marr for years.
People on here think our prime minister is paid a fortune (ha ha). Yet they tolerate Marr at £360.000 a year.
Saw this coming as soon as the Hard Right Tory was appointed at the helm.
Canary, would you prefer the BBC to remain politically biased?
Not to mention self-righteousness.

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"Crisis" At The Beeb?

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