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hypocrisy in Labour? nooooo!
you wouldn't think so would you, lol

There's a bit of a difference between being required to produce photo id to gain access to government services and having to produce a passport / driving licence to attend a local conference being run by a marginal political party.
Someone at the Express must be really thick.
There is a vast difference between having a security pass to access a building, and having to produce ID to exercise your right to vote.
We have universal suffrage in the UK, and nothing should be imposed to impede that.
missed out a bitta siantly logic there by God!

No ID cards for elections does NOT mean no id cards anywhere anyhow

( arguing from the specific to the general - now that is a NOOOOOO!)

for some howling non sequiturs see the AH N ( yawn) privacy thread again - or the Gaza bombing thread
sozza sunko
you spotted it

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Double Standards From Labour, Oh Dear.

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