Prince Harry's Latest Snipe At The Royal Family

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MargoTester | 11:35 Fri 14th May 2021 | News
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The whole circus is becoming tiresome now.
I thought you lot were desperate to never hear from them again? Now you're complaining that you're not seeing baby pics? Make up your minds.
//they'll probably release a black and white photo //

Tut Tut. You know that you are not allowed to say that in the rarefied safe space inhabited by the soopawoke. It has to be a non specific, ill defined, indeterminate hue, with a suggestion of ethereal quality icon worthy of worship. Certainly no colour allowed in the family album. The kid are going to be taught to walk in short sharp jerky steps just like the fillums from the early 1900s.
Well, I despair really. 'Whinger Prince ' comes to mind. I know it was horrible for him when his mum died, but equally so for William and, no doubt, thousands of other children. As I remember it, every effort was made to shield them, Tiggy-whateverhernamewas became a permanent fixture to give them stability.

My husband's father disappeared when Mr J2 was 3 mths. old. We're still trying to find out about him and if Mr J2 has any relatives apart from a known maternal cousin. Then the war started and he was evacuated aged 6.

Not got a lot of patience for Harry's problems t.b.h..

If he wanted a normal, out-of-limelight life then why on earth did he join the Hollywood 'A-list' set? There was talk of mental instability in Diana's family when she and Charles were engaged and Harry would seem to have inherited this weakness. Not his fault, not his shame - but he should be very ashamed of subjecting his family to public excoriation at a very sad time for them.

Obviously I haven't heard Prince Harry speak his quotes in person, but I have read the transcripts, and what came to my mind was -

This is either a transcript from Made In Chelsea, another privelidged chinless wonder who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing, or ...

It's from a Channel Four documentary about modern students, and this is a nineteen-year-old sitting in his student flat rejocing in the ability to let whatever comes into his immature unformed mind come out of his moaning unappreciative ungreateful mouth, with all the utter ignorance of a wider world where the privelidges he takes for granted are the dreams of millions of people.

To remember that they come from the mouth of a father in his mid-thirties, a prince, and someone with the lifestyle and support systems that no-one outside his family could even dream of, it makes me realise just how immature, graceless and utterly unpleasant Harry has become since his marriage and relocation.

If he is being advised, he is either being advised very badly, or he is ignoring what is being said, and he is on a surefire path to miery and lonliness as time goes on.

Being a British prince in America only has a cachet for as long as he behaves and speaks like one - right now he is doing neither, and the lustre and reflected glory is going to vanish with a speed that will make his eyes water.

With any luck, he will wake up and realise just what actually matters in the world - his immature self-piyting ignorant wokeism nonsense is not in the frame.
What a chuckle this is, all these people who are sick of hearing about them but never failing to read it and comment.

Plus one bloke who pretends you can't say 'Black and White' because he thinks it's hilarious.
// Seems he's jumped out of one zoo into another//
and doesnt realise it
Lol Togo that made me chuckle !
more like into the fire for of total media hollywood style, till your old today chip wrapper tommorow.

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Prince Harry's Latest Snipe At The Royal Family

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