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gulliver1 | 16:15 Thu 13th May 2021 | News
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David Cameron has admitted he had a serious Economoc interest in Greensill Capital.
But refuses to say how much he earned. Cameron said it was very painful for him to have to answer questions about his Behaviour as a senior adviser to Greensill .
Is this the Con Crony Club at it again ?.


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The Croniservative Party
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Just thought I would mention it on here it case it slipped into the Long grass before any Tory supporters missed it on the news.
Just a shame that the Beast of Bolsover was not part of the grilling committee today because it would have been the TV event of 2021
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Cameron said" I was paid a Generous Annual Amount." Far more than he ever earned as P/M.
But wouldn't say how much.
is the gulliver grumble at it again?
any refs or reports of oral testimony ?

Gulliver says Cameron admits to being a twit and he did it for his ickle daughter - the one he left in the pub
is different to to
"Cameron says: I have committed no impropriety - I made no profit""
Semites at each others throats again - Iagree is a good day to bury news
I note - the " I was a red hot trot police spy and gave a few of them babies n all" inquiry is er hotting up
the " Is there a bomb, well we are going to newton heath and turning off our phones, Manchester " inquiry has more jaw dropping admissions. I think the coroner has accepted that the very best practice is not to go in anywhere and let the injured bleed to death untended. Ho hum progress there then
/// I note - the " I was a red hot trot police spy and gave a few of them babies n all" inquiry is er hotting up//
no no
they are holding their breath in a pregnant silence
Just out of interest do you think Ex PM's shouldn't earn any money?

Why is it the Crony Club. He asked Rishi told him to pee off, not much of a crony club is it?
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17.57 When Cameron went lobbying he wasn't asking for free meals for starving kids, I can assure you
Never liked Cameron, always thought he was a smarmy sod !

We're only finding this out because Greensill went bust. How many others have got their noses in the trough, getting on the hotline to their mates in government?
Nothing more than one big slime ball, like the rest of them.
// Just out of interest do you think Ex PM's shouldn't earn any money?//
or should they retire and live on an OAP like the rest of us do ?

Thatcher and the largesse thrown at the boy Mark ( her son that is!) was I think out of regard for her

Bliar didnt - he lived off the moolah Shri had earned as a barrister, QC and now I believe recorder

Major and Hague are after dindins speakers - hague very good and getting £25 000 a pop.

But Cameron was looking at £65m
Cameron is a crony scumbag in a crony scumbag system that only benefits crony scumbags.
oh dear 1800 this evg
not impressed at all....

we had a council leader who went er his own way
and our feeling was - - we trusted you to behave fairly and in the public interest.....
(and what fools we were, )
as opposed to say - Richard Nixon ' wd you buy a 2nd hand car from this man?'
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[email protected],.. £65m Fooin hell thats a lot of money .
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Cameron told his "reputation is in tatters".
Bet he couldnt give a fig.
Never trusted him fully - he was too smooth - but Labour was unthinkable -- I was out of the country for most of his years in govt., so couldn't easily vote.
// Cameron told his "reputation is in tatters".
Bet he couldnt give a fig.//

I am sure £65m would heal his tattered reputation
however reported speech - that is what he said he stood to gain ( but hadnt)

what did Becky Sharp(*) say in Vanity Fair(*) ( final chap) 1848
" I could be a good woman on £5 000 a year" - five thou two hundred y ago was a jolly lot of money

(*) who where etc dat den
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Cameron says " It might have been beneficial if he had been advised on the propriety of his,
Business Interests after leaving Downing St .
Because Prime Ministers are different".
( not his fault then)

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