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Milvus | 18:14 Tue 11th May 2021 | News
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What on earth is going on in this world.

The RFU is changing the A team name from Saxons back to A team, because it might offend someone. Who? the Picts, Danes, Normans?
And they are distancing themselves from the England anthem, Swing Low. I really don’t understand this. It’s an anti-slavery hymn. Who on earth in these days would be offended by this.
Barbary and Caribbean pirates?


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Radio rental!
//Last month it was announced that an independent diversity and inclusion advisory group overseen by former England and Lions wing Ugo Monye is being set-up.//

There is the reason. Ugochukwu Chiedozie Monye to give him his real name. Born in Islington has no Saxon ancestors.
yeah it is in the Times as well
I am not sure if they are aware of the obscene signs that go with the song

oh just go with the flow
Black is OK stateside but not OK here apparently
I dont know anything anymore
TG will kill the women's game.
Does anyone else remember when Sport had the characteristic, but gentle, result of uniting different peoples and cultures? If so can you explain to me why since these "people of different cultures", and indeed appearance in some cases have attained administrative posts in Sport, has Sport suddenly become a pastime that is riven with racism?
then they could raise a transgender team, TTT, the Saxonettes, with Danielle Cock, Miranda Balls, Cathy Lips, Joanna Tight, Christina Head, etc etc....
Eva Vestof and Showz Yanuttz could play as well.
yeah no yeah I mean
the transgender team can be the Pink Chiffonettes and the new song the song that George Harrison ripped off and had to pay a packa moolah in damages
My sweet lord (aka he's so fine)
yeah and in their spare moments instead of reading worthy novels Hard Times, or a Tool of Two Cities - they could do the newspaper favourite - spot the ball !
foo as they say so often here
Anybody who cannot see the absurdity in allowing transgender men (or is it transgender women - I'm never quite sure) play against real women, is wilfully not seeing it.

Granted it's a different sport, but I present Hannah Mouncy of women's Aussie Rules football and women's handball fame.

'She' has an unfair advantage.

For me it's really quite simple - in any sport where speed and strength are required, you play in a team of your biological sex. It is fundamentally unfair, and dangerous, for somebody of Mouncey's size and strength to play against women.

If Mouncey is good enough, why doesn't 'she' play with men - or is it the case 'she' can't compete with the men because 'she' wasn't good enough?;cd=vfe&ved=0CAgQjRxqFwoTCKi4yLqcwvACFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD

Caitlyn Jenner, possibly the world's most famous TG, and in another life a gold medal winner, has been called transphobic by Sarah Silverman because Jenner said trans athletes born male shouldn't play on girls' sports team.

A transgender is transphobic - how the hell does that work?
DD a rare case of commons sense and logic. TG "women" ain't women and if they are allowed in women's sports it's ridiculous. Jenner realises that, smart bloke.
More global insanity!
//A transgender is transphobic - how the hell does that work?//

If that wasn't so utterly pathetic I might laugh at it. As it is I see nothing humorous in any of this nonsense we're expected to go along with. Even on here we've been told that we should call a he who fantastises about being a she, 'she' or 'her'. Sorry, no can do. Regardless of which bits and pieces he retains, a bloke is a bloke and always will be.
so unfair to let trangender blokes play in the women's rugby, much stronger in every way, a bloke is a bloke whatever bits have been chopped off or not in this case
One line of defence though or to be taken into consideration. Once on the oestrogen and testosterone suppressors, a lot of the muscle power of being a man does disappear and one also gets the body re-alignment as in breasts, smaller waist, more on the hips. However, when one takes maintaining fitness to play such a sport, I don't know the extent to which this holds.....
i wouldn't allow this to happen, its totally unfair on the women players.
I tend to agree with you, emmie - one looks at the likes of Caster Semanaya or that 'woman' or played Martina Navrat....obviously, they both had residual male power in their bodies. Do you know Caster's anagram? 'Yes, a secret man' - rather telling perhaps?

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