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Ric.ror | 18:35 Mon 10th May 2021 | News
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Would it be such a great loss to England if Scotland decided to leave the union - dependant on the withdrawal deal
I suspect there will be an exodus from north of the border to the remainder of the Uk


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oh can I make a foo comment? - ( dead leg, useless, brayne dead, gormless in the extreme ? stupid unthought out - in fact----- typical AB)

yeah dead loss
It depends... if you treat the country like a spreadsheet, then no... if you want our country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain (&N.I.) to be intact, then it is a fatal loss... while its population is small, Scotland has significant resources and industries, a huge swathe of this country's territory and is an irreplaceable part of its culture... without scotland we are not the UK in any meaningful sense.
Be stronger as a whole if England. Ireland. Scotland and Wales. Remained a union
Despite some perceived downsides to Scottish, Welsh and Irish national characteristics (e.g. quarrelsome, boozy and sometimes over-emotional) they do in my view have a tendency to be intelligent, artistic and independent-minded. I think it would be a shame to lose them.
Why do the AB anti independence brigade (AIB) keep harping on about this issue? Let them take their own destiny into their own hands, as we did with Brexit.
They are not really any more intelligent, artistic and independent-minded than any other Western Country.

Would it be a loss? not sure it would be but it would be a great shame. Still if that is what they want then fine. BUT no coming back when broke.
//without scotland we are not the UK in any meaningful sense.//

Well thats a right kick in the teeth to the Irish and the Welsh!
Nicola is fighting for glory to go into the history books of breaking up the Union without laying down plans for what it would mean to Scotland
A 670-page document, "Scotland's Future" was issued prior to the first referendum.

A similar document will be issued for any subsequent vote on the matter.
Well thats fine Bobbi and if the Scots are willing to vote knowing that then fine.

But from a UK point of view we should set out what it will mean from our side. No Barnet formula, no UK military, passports required to enter the UK and all that. If the Scots are ok with that and vote to leave then that is surely their prerogative, and if we have set out our stall for after they leave then there cant be any moaning afterwards when the realisation sets in.
//A 670-page document, "Scotland's Future" was issued prior to the first referendum.//

But did that contain anything about how the UK will deal with a separate Scotland? Unless it does(like we did with the EU) then its not really complete is it?
I always find little people have big ideas ymb:0))))
Oh Bobbi, I never thought of you as a little person!
Mmmm, I wouldn’t say 5’6 is particularly little :0))))
"But did that contain anything about how the UK will deal with a separate Scotland?" That would be the responsibility of the Government of the rest of the UK.
It's just yet another attempt to generate humour by having a pop at somebody's physical appearance by somebody who doesn't have the intelligence to do anything else. Really clever. Really funny.
Not it isnt, the Scottish need to know too.

You cant just put things into a big document and expect everyone else to agree, it doesnt work like that - just see the split from the EU for the issues. And remember the split from the UK for Scotland would be far greater, they have no independent infrastructure. Everything, including laws, would have to start from scratch (although you could just take the English laws ;-).
Wow! Scotland doesn't have its own legal system now? Sheesh!
Do you not share a lot with the UK though?
What on earth are you talking about?
OK, maybe I have not understood the UK law, I thought there was an underlying UK law then all the countries making the union havd amendments/ bits on top.

Look, I have said many times go, I have no problem with that so long as you dont come back.

I just wish you all would all just do it to be honest.

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