Gordon Brown Says That He Is More Scottish Than British

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emmie | 16:06 Mon 10th May 2021 | News
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He’s a liability , can’t stand the man or any of the yesterday men like Blair as well,
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causes a bit of a stir does Gordon with these remarks.
Do you feel more Scottish than British?
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but he seems to be speaking for lots of Scots, is he wrong.
I am Scottish first and British second. I am not anti-British (or anti-English).
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wolf, thank for your comments.
I am English, British and don't hate the Scots, far from it

but i am curious what other Abers from Scotland feel about it all, its best to read the link because he does take Ms Sturgeon to task somewhat
I think we can all say we are English/ Scottish / Welsh and Irish before being British , if only English was on my passport ....sigh!
Oops, I meant N.Ireland of course
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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was invited onto BBC Radio 4's Today Programme to discuss the state of the Union after Nicola Sturgeon led the SNP to successive majorities at Holyrood. Mr Brown blasted Ms Sturgeon for demanding a second referendum without setting out what a future independent Scotland would look like. However, the former Labour leader also insisted he along with many Scots were more "Scottish than British."
Emmie, his remarks came after a YouGuv poll found that just 16% of Scots believe their country to be a united one. The flak he is getting on social media is coming from those staunch SNP voters who want independence. Don't think anyone else is making a fuss over it.
Should someone say 'I feel more ... than ...' that's fine as it's how they personally feel.

Speaking for others by using 'we' is somewhat arrogant.
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i am interested because of what he said. I am not more English than British, both are same in my eyes.
I find some of the debate about the potential referendum quite hurtful - TTT and his cronies need to learn how to phrase their views without sounding like arrogant bullies.

I do not agree with the obsession to cut up the UK, but if it happens I will accept the situation.

I think that getting the UK back to as near to normal as possible is much more important than any referendum or building a ship that none of us will ever be able to use.

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i know he's yesterdays man, but as a Scot and a patriot he entitled to have his say on Scotland and it's future.
I’m more English than British. Not sure that is controversial.
I will support the English football team first. I will take half an interest in the other UK football teams.
Agreed Wolf, some of the debate (I use that term loosely) gets very belligerent and almost turns into interrogation.
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do you feel that being Scottish is more important to you than being a Brit, or does it matter in the grand scheme of things.
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i hope this isnt one of them mamy.
No Emmie, it isn't.

How did you do those emoji? ☺☺☺

I copied and pasted yours, and it won’t post.

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Gordon Brown Says That He Is More Scottish Than British

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