Following The Duke Of Windsor's Friendship With Hitler . . . .

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Canary42 | 11:13 Sun 09th May 2021 | News
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. . . . we now have Prince Michael's friendship with Putin.

One has to feel immensely sorry for Queen Elizabeth, she should ditch these self-interested hangers-on who drag the Family Name through the mud (Michael, Harry, Andrew. . . . )

The revelation was made by Channel 4 Dispatches in collaboration with the Sunday Times.


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Yes, we need a good clear out of these greedy royals.
I wonder if Charlie will be strong enough??
Charles is intent on making the RF smaller, time he started with him.
Stop right there ........ we don’t talk disrespectfully about any member of the royal family ...........
I think we do anne, some just don't deserve respect.
‘Charles is intent on making the RF smaller’

Is he? From whence did you glean such insight, Em?
OK, that had completely passed me by. Thanks.
Its no revelation. Prince Phillip started the way forward group YEARS ago.
from the likes of Nick Witchell royal correspondent, and as reported in many of the dailies.
Do you believe everything you read in the media?
no, but three people on here have linked the papers that alluded to the RF being slimmed down.
Charles has said as much in wanting a more compact, slimmed down RF. who can blame him with so many hangers on.
Fred and Gladys? Not fit to rule. Don't slim down the RF, just abolish them.
They will all remain members of the Royal Family, they just won't be working members financed by the taxpayer.
Wont bother you soon Maggie, once the wee un has got her way.

However I am with you on the abolish the lot of them.
maggie, no we won't be doing that, you stick with your politics in Nicola and leave us to our RF, slimmed down of course.
I agree with those suggesting an end to the royal family.....I have no idea what they actually do ..... except keep their minions in work.

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Following The Duke Of Windsor's Friendship With Hitler . . . .

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