Following The Duke Of Windsor's Friendship With Hitler . . . .

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Canary42 | 11:13 Sun 09th May 2021 | News
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. . . . we now have Prince Michael's friendship with Putin.

One has to feel immensely sorry for Queen Elizabeth, she should ditch these self-interested hangers-on who drag the Family Name through the mud (Michael, Harry, Andrew. . . . )

The revelation was made by Channel 4 Dispatches in collaboration with the Sunday Times.


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lots, but why go into it if you don't like them, so be it
Emmie, my wish to abolish the RF has nothing to do with Nicola or any Scot, it is my personal opinion. Having said that, there are many in England who would also like to see this extremely expensive institution abolished.
Depends what you mean by 'many'. Certainly by no means a majority.
it costs us tuppence happeny each to keep the Royals, i wonder what it would cost for a President if we had to have one.....
the many is a load of baloney, why do you think millions come out to see the RF, or watch their various marriages ceremonies on TV, or the many tourists who come to UK to see Buckingham Palace, Windsor etc and want to know more about the RF than if we had a Republican state. That would just make us like America, heaven forbid.
Jackjdaw - "what is many?" Maybe there should be a UK referendum to find out just how many? The Queen doesn't belong to England by the way unless you know differently, and at no time has Nicola (or the Scottish Parliament) ever said that they want the RF abolished. As I have already said, this is my personal opinion which I am free to express.
the one thing the RF do is head up thousands of charities, their name alone will make those charities viable - then there is the Commonwealth of countries, a bond between many, especially for those who served in both wars.
Let's face it, no-one will ever know just how many want to keep The Firm, or how many want to be rid of it. So it's a quite pointless claim either way.
anneasquith @ 12:00
\\Stop right there ........ we don’t talk disrespectfully about any member of the royal family ...........//

Or wee nippy, oh sorry, her gracefulness Nicola Sturgeon
yeah I wondered how Prince Michael of Kiev or Kutovsk would know Putin....
or neo-Nazis - then Princess Michael of Kent

Princess Michael was later heard to bark - nein nein
( er came from the German aristocracy for AB readers who er dont keep up with nationality and the Royal Family)
// i wonder what it would cost for a President if we had to have one.....//
the cost is out there

presidents children are even more rowdy and disinclined than the Royals. Carter had the long suffering Amy play the violin in the white house in the usual nine year old style for visiting dignitaries - - - because that is how an American father wd torture his own kids if visitors came round

Michelle Obamas daughters just didnt
didnt do what
didnt do anything

Biden - o god - uriah heep biden the son - white powder and making up the Ukrainians and not realising that they were doing it because he was a biden and not a good old American boy. jesus
I'm a republican. I don't think the president of Ireland has caused any problems. Abolish the RF.
^^^^not only German but the RF do have Russian ancestors.
Webbo and your point is ?
Extraordinary that you should compare something that happened in the 1930s with Prince Michael in 2021. There is, obviously, no connection.
yeah foo !
is it time to say that Elizabeth II Queen monarch of the United kindgom is camed

Elizavayta windsora

altho I suppose Prince Michael- Mich-a-eel Georgievich that is!
probably already knows this

Just in case russian speakers of AB say he wasnt George Vi's son
yeah but not but he WAS George Vs innit
// the RF do have Russian ancestors.//

they surely do
Dukke of edinburgh was from the d of the d of the d of the last Tsaritsa who was the gd of Victoria
and so HE had to give DNA to identify the Tsar's family because they used mt DNA which is transmitted down the leddy line

ye dooks DNA showed heteroplasmy but I really think that is too much for the average Aber ( = v v technical)

The Duke of Edinburgh wasnt a leddy - hasnt anyone noticed that ? the last person in the line ( but ONLY the last ) can be a fella. Him. Mt DNA only
Friendship with Hitler? Seems to be over-stating things, in the 1930s many people admired how Hitler had turned Germany round after the economic disasters of the 1920s. There wasn't the news access that we have now, it is pointless to judge any historical period by the standards etc of a later period.
// I don't think the president of Ireland has caused any problems//

yeah dey did !

Eamonn de Valera lived FAR too long and was fighting old republican battles from 1917 still in the fifties
Mary Robinson thought she was an executive president and not a figurehead - until the prime minister er reminded her
I think zebo is forgetting the requiem mass for hitler in May 1945 when Z wrote his post

and yes - - - there were complaints at the time

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Following The Duke Of Windsor's Friendship With Hitler . . . .

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