Scottish Election

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maggiebee | 17:30 Fri 07th May 2021 | News
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28 constituencies returned so far. SNP - 25 seats; Liberal Democrats - 3 seats. All other parties yet to break their duck.


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Early days, but yeah!
you knew they would do well......
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SNPs have just taken Ayr - a real key seat.
Ya beauty!
Get ready for your referendum.
oh crikey thats going to roll around i guess..
It would appear ( so far) the turnout is good .
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Labour just secured their first seat in Edinburgh (I think South)
Edinburgh Southern, yes.
I just watched Andrew Neil do two interviews with Nicola, she didn't have a clue, none of them do, just like Abbot and Lammy, totally unprepared to face the worlds greatest interviewer.

John Swinney

Not an admirer of Russell Harty, then?
webbo, Andrew Neal is the worlds worst interviewer, all he does is fire questions and give them no chance to answer. Gawd he even made me feel sorry for agent Cob once. May as well interview the mop bucket.
He has all the BASIC facts, these are the simple things the interviewee should know.
heres Diane Abacus
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Up to date results:

SNP - 39 seats
Liberal Democrats - 4 seats
Conservatives - 3 seats
Labour - 2 seats
so when's the illegal referendum?
Since you watched the BBC debate this week, you'll have heard Nicola Sturgeon say, "What I have said consistently all along - sometimes to criticism from people on my own side of the argument - is that I would not countenance an illegal referendum, not least because it would not deliver independence."

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Scottish Election

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