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saintpeter48 | 16:10 Fri 07th May 2021 | News
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Just listened to him on the BBC, oh dear oh dear oh dear, the man lacks everything needed to be a leader, charisma being the main one!
He talks a lot without saying anything and his monotone voice just grates on me, and no doubt on others too!


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stop it my sides are splitting!
It was a car crash, wasn't it! No clue what to do, couldn't even answer a simple question about a reshuffle of the shadow cabinet. Wouldn't surprise me if he's gone by Monday morning.
Be careful, TTT, too much Schadenfreude in one day can be bad for you.
Completely agree St P. He always had s startled look on face too and seems nervous. Strange for a Barrister!
Starmer simply isn't a politician by nature, let alone a party leader.
Starmer is the best thing that's happened to the Conservative Party in a long while lol!
It's almost comical. The Tories thought that their boat had come in with Corbyn; they never dreamt they'd be handed another gift.
Not sure he was ever intended to be the long term leader, more the one that hacks the party about and then makes way for the real leader.

I used to do something similar where I would go into a company (self employed) straighten up the team often firing the useless and motivating the rest then leave to allow a full time manger to take over. That way the full time manager was not tainted with the sackings etc. I had gone on to do it elsewhere so not a problem to me either.
Who else is there?
That's the problem! There's no-one. I wonder how many people had never even heard of him before he became party leader.
No one seemingly, as i said on the other thread, listening to SKS is like flogging an already dead horse. giddy up neddy.....
"Who else is there?" - dunno hoppy but it's fun trying to work it out. Who'd have thought Captain H would be such a gift for us tories? We rejoiced when they made agent Cob their leader, it just gets better and better, perhaps they'll make Diane Abacus their next leader next!
I think Yvette Cooper has high hopes - dreadful woman.
Nope not Ed Ball's Mrs. that would be laughable
Starmer might do well to pick up the phone to Mark Drakeford! Welsh Labour seems to be doing OK so far...
The trouble is for a healthy democracy, we need an effective opposition.
As I have mentioned on another thread - Labour would not know an electable leader if one walked naked down Downing Street waving a red flag.

Look at their last fifty years - excepting Smith and Blair - and you have a list of men who would not look out of place in a pier-end Punch And Judy show.

And now, having jetisoned Corbyn, they have replaced him with someone else who couldn't win a charisma and popularity contest if he was the only entrant.

Add to the fact that he has no coherent policy and strategy to offer, and you get what you have - a fumbling bumbling idiot who is fo far out of his depth it would take him three hours to sink to the botton.

They need a new leader, and some ideas, and fast.

Yes it will look embarassing to jetison another idiot who got the job lord knows how - but the alternative is fifty years in opposition.

Come on Labour - the clock's ticking ....
Like Hopkirk - I can't think of anyone else. T.b.h. I don't dislike Starmer and I think he has seen through where Labour went wrong with Corbyn & co. and is genuinely trying to rectify the situation. Problem is - he doesn't have the right instincts to hand. I think they are there - just shuffling around the corner when he tries to lay a hand on them. I am by no means a Labour supporter - although in the past I have nearly voted for them - but the country needs a credible opposition because it works by checks and balances. If Starmer can hang on then I think he could maybe provide this, but it'll take a few years.
Andy burnam
bobinwales - you may well be right. Don't think he wants the job though.

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