Large Scale Disaster Avoided Thank Goodness.

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Mamyalynne | 16:04 Fri 07th May 2021 | News
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After all this time and still the cladding was only 'due' to come off.



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The cost of replacing these panels far out-strips the funds available to do so.
The residents living in these buildings must be mentally exhausted with the worry or waiting to find out when/if their building will be attended to.
Thank goodness this happened when people were not likely, in general, to be asleep in bed and that a Security Guard alerted the residents to the danger.
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Agreed Jack, you certainly wouldn't sleep soundly would you?

Thank heavens things were not worse.
I wonder, if this had happened before Grenfell, whether the pressure would be on to replace all similar cladding in the country. Or whether the "stay put" advice would have been updated. I suspect not.
Question Author
Fair point Ellipsis.
So fortunate it wasn't worse, well done to all the firefighters.

Hard to imagine the constant worry of folk in all the affected buildings.
Hope the two chaps recover quickly.

How easy is it to replace unsafe cladding and how costly is it? There must be thousands of buildings like this all over the country.
Its not that easy on a tall tower block and its very costly.

Thats why it is taking time.

Doesn't help those living in them though. However this time it seems to have been dealt with correctly. All out, not stay put.
Thank goodness! It's very expensive to remove and not a quick job. I've seen quite a few articles in the local news. Residents feeling unsafe and flat owners who are struggling being faced with huge sums, that many can't afford. To get the cladding removed and hikes in service charges for interim fire safety measures etc...

The flat owners are essentially stuck with a "worthless" property which they can't sell or remortgage. There are campaigns to try and get funding to help finance the removal of cladding without exorbitant costs being passed on to the leaseholders.
Question Author
That's true Eve, it's left some people in an awful situation - nightmare.
Does anyone know why Grenfell hasn't been demolished, and is still covered in scaffolding/plastic wrapping? Must surely be way past renovation.
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It could be a while yet according to this piece from last year.
Ah thanks, the public inquiry

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Large Scale Disaster Avoided Thank Goodness.

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