How Can Labour Recover?

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naomi24 | 12:23 Fri 07th May 2021 | News
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I’ve just listened to a Labour spokeswoman (no idea who she was) saying that the way for Labour to recover is to return to the hard left. What is it they don’t understand?

If you were making decisions for Labour what changes would you implement to return them to a modicum of popularity?


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legalise weed ennit tax dat herb and see the money roll in see if any party said they would legalise watch them get 50% of the vote
I think, particularly, with the covid support schemes, the Tories now occupy the centre ground previously shared with Labour. If Labour seek to differentiate themselves by a lurch further left a la Corbyn/McDonnell they will fail to regain popularity.

The best they can hope for is some monumental screw up by the present government or (longer term) that voters will simply get fed up of the incumbents and vote for a change.
Biden is trying to buy popularity by giving everyone $1,500
roadman; You've been indulging too much in the product you are advocating.
It's been tried & doesn't work
I don’t think they can, I think they’ve cooked their goose through leaders like Corbyn and SKS ,they’re a spent force now
Disestablish... I sometimes vote Labour but I am more loyal to my own ideas than the party itself.

I think there is a possible alliance to be made between people who currently vote for left-leaning parties: green, liberal, labour, SNP (for however long Scotland stays in the UK)... Labour has never really recovered from losing its Scottish seats and the Blairites continue to put off Greens and Liberals.

At the moment if you are right-wing in the UK there is an obvious party to vote for... if you are left-wing then the vote is divided. I think the only hope is a new organisation designed to unify the left, which Labour can't currently do.

The centre-left / left vote has been split between Labour, Lib-dem, Green, Plaid and SNP. I don't think that Labour has a chance of taking votes from them. If Labour gets back in power it will be as part of a coalition.
khandro said that it's been tried & doesn't work but that is bs things have advanced and evolved since it has "been tried" if it ever even was
Labour have too many high profile advocates of fringe issues such as transgender rights etc, that bore the pants off a regular voter, who wants leadership to deal with the everyday issues that matter.
Also,Labour ignored the referendum. People Remamber that.
bro labour didt ignore the referendum they wanted to have another one which implies they realise the first one didnt go to plan

Tend to agree Theand, Labour has been a party of protest and issues, not one that can string together a wide-ragning political view. It knows what it is anti but not what it is pro.

Typos: "Theland", "become a party of", "wide-ranging"!
Anyone got Tony Blairs phone number?
Well, they need to be on the left or quite frankly it's pointless them existing. There's little point in going back to the Tory-lite politics of the Blair days when Tories would be basically doing the same thing. They either offer genuine opposition or we turn into a one party state.
//bro labour didt ignore the referendum they wanted to have another one which implies they realise the first one didnt go to plan//

It went exactly to plan. The electorate was asked a straightforward question for which there were only two possible answers. One answer was more popular than the other so it was enacted (as those organising the referendum had promised).

How did it not go to plan?
Hard left-wing fascism aka Corbynism didnt work,centre-left wishy-washyism aka Starmerism isnt working.Why not some centre-right common senseism being tried?
labour needs to drain the swamp, to many odd militant fringe woke
members and supporters, what got me was the support for the protests last year of blm and trying to rewrite british history, renaming of streets colleges etc the transgender pulava, there just an odd lot that seem to join in whatever the latest protest is wrong or right to much disarray and no coherence, as was said this is not the 30's or 40's
i also think labour lost the plot when kinnock got in, what a gravy train
he caught and his family.
I wouldn't suggest any changes - they're doing just fine as an ineffective long standing opposition party.
They need to find a figurehead in his dotage that they can manipulate easily, rig the voting system and sell themselves out to China (or Russia, big business or wherever.)
This plan has a proven record of success and is surely the way to go for the future.

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