Isn't This The Most Wonderful Idea?

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ToraToraTora | 21:11 Thu 06th May 2021 | News
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I’m all for it, a fitting tribute to Prince Philip
I completely agree with the asker. If it actually happens ? I understand the Prime Minister will announce it soon,but until he does we cant celebrate can we really,but it would be lovely if it happens.
Lol - got your flak jacket on TTT?
A waste of money. We've been fine without one since 1997, so why is it needed?
This has been done already.
Waste of money
come now, Bazile, we could use it to bombard Calais in the next fishing war.
I wonder which Tory Crony will get the build contract.
If it's for the Queen she may well have popped her clogs before it would be launched. Charles doesn't deserve one & not at all compatible with his professed "green" credentials.
THe Queen won't necessarily reap the benefits, but Charles will and its a fitting tribute to his father i feel. Perhaps if they hadn't decommissioned Britannia then none of this would have arisen.
I still shake my head at why they didn't have a major refit of Britannia - not beyond the wit of the Navy, shipbuilding folk and a few folk with can-openers.
because the Labour party neigh sayed it, it was Blairs fault that it was taken out of service.
Who ever decommissioned it ,is irevalent now

We are where we are now .
We don't need to commission another one .

Perhaps all those in favour can pay for it themselves
it will be undoubtedly tax payer funded, unless there are private investors willing to chip in.
If we are to have a Royal Familly then there should be a yacht. Naming it after 'Phil the Greek' would be an excellent choice.

I agree, £200m doesn't sound a lot given it will need to be kitted out with some pretty sophisticated security and communication equipment. And if you are going to do it do it properly.

Of course a yacht is far easier to secure so long term savings there for the cost concious.

On reflection maybe it WOULD be a very good idea - it would bring the Republican cause on by leaps & bounds!
it’s a lovely tribute but it’s a waste of money....that money can be spent much better elsewhere. NHS? Education? Medical research?
NHS already receives a small fortune, a bottomless pit as someone called it.
A small fortune perhaps Emmie but they cld still use the addition 200mill I’m sure....

I just think to spend that amount of money when only a few wld benefit (ie the royals and their ilk) is a total waste.

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Isn't This The Most Wonderful Idea?

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