Oh Dear.

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gulliver1 | 08:29 Fri 23rd Apr 2021 | News
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Dominic Cummings is the chief suspect for leaking secret Text messages between Boris and James Dyson, and ppe contracts. Watch out Carrie and Boris , more to come.


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not a nice man after all, suggest that any one who does this is a sleazebag. Calling people names as well, what is that all about.
i meant to add that what Cummimgs calls Carrie Symonds, isn't nice at all.
Question Author
I think there will be more to come from Dominic , he knows where all the bodies are buried, along with all Boris's lies.
we will see.
Gully ♥ Boris
No love lost between DC and Princess Nut Nut.

The whole thing is a sorry state of affairs. This woman should have no say in the running of the country yet clearly the left leaning green influence is coming from her. I am sure very few, if anyone, voted Tory to get this economy crippling green nonsense.

Johnson promised us an open and transparent Government, yet another lie it seems.

Johnson, Hancock and a few other 'New Labour' types need to go and give us our Tory party back.
For once, I agree with Gully @ 8:46. If this is DC then there will be more to come.
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Dominic ,did make a hint once, that Carrie holds a lot of power at no 10, and influences a lot of Boris's decisions.
do you know Cummings personally gully, after all you see to have the inside track on Boris and his love life.
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08.58 ,What a stupid answer.
no it isn't, you seem to be aware of things going on in No,10 than anyone. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what you know

i agree that Cummings will likely have something to say
Gully ♥ Dom
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Would these leaks , be an offence under the Official secrets act ? and would Dominic come under that act ?.
no idea, but if the leaks came from him then he's broken any trust that he might have had with the government.
I doubt very much that the OSA covers the day to day running of Government.
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Would Cummings have to be a civil servant to become Boris's chief adviser.?
personally i don't understand the problem with the boris/dyson thing. We needed ventilators in a time of national crisis, sorting the tax situation so people can make them seems eminently sensible to me!
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10.22 Why all the secrecy with the text messages.
What was done bednobs is not a problem, if fact it is exactly how it should have been done.

The problem is how it was done - in secret. Not exactly open and honest is it and with tax exemptions for potentially rich (and maybe Tory doners) it should have been done openly.

One of the big problems is how some in the Government have used Covid to feather their own (and their mates) pockets. RE Hancocks Landlord mate down his local. This is unacceptable and all this must eb accounted for otherwise we are in profiteering country.

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Oh Dear.

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