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....and the gaffer is a Labour voter! PMSL!
Who looks the more foolish in this video ?
The landlord is an ignoramus because he's failed to take on board the real suffering caused by Covid-19. (Perhaps he should have listened to the callers on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show the other day, talking about the effects of long-Covid on their young children who've been left bedridden and hardly able to function at all for many months).

However the idea of chucking Keir Starmer out of a pub still sounds like a good one to me, whatever the reason ;-)

Some pub landlords do have a thorough understanding of British politics though ;-)

Emotions are running high in the leisure industry. The guy is maybe facing bankruptcy and although he was out of order, he does have a bit of a point.
how it his pub or not?
I'd have thought it would be the responsibility of someone in Starmer's team to make sure his visit to the pub would be safe, secure and welcomed by the landlord.
the "pub" are talking as though its not his pub?
He is a joint owner of The Raven pub and also works behind the bar.

He may not be the licensee.
No matter how deranged the member of the public may be it rarely is a good look for the politician concerned.
That’s just the way of it I’m afraid
It’s a bit self-defeating really. Had Starmer not supported the government lockdown would still have been implemented. It wasn’t Starmer’s decision to make. The pub would be better served by welcoming customers and making some money from them.
Couldn't have happened to a finer politician......the pub will be swamped with new business now!
Had Starmer not supported the government lockdown would still have been implemented
completely misunderstand the point of the opposition

the duty of her maj's loyal opposition is to - oppose
(Palmerston or someone - dead white politician anyway)
Hilarious, but he has a point, the hospitality sector has really suffered during the pandemic.
Haha! That thought did cross my mind, DTC.
Thought it was Johnson ordered the Lockdown,am I missing something?
He doesn’t really have a point at all.
There was never going to be a divide about the lockdown along party lines.
I agree that the party should have checked the place out a bit better beforehand.
If he had added and you are a boring git that will ruin the jollity in the bar, as well, he would have been bang on.
LOL @ Togo
Be honest ... Would you go for a pint with him? At least Boris would make you laugh while he conned you into buying all his ale.
He really does have a point.

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