Would You Trust The Car To Do The Driving ?

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Canary42 | 13:01 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | News
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More Tesla deaths.

But hey, all's OK as there is an upgrade due from which " Elon Musk said he expects ... huge profits" which says it all really.


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So is your beef driverless cars or Musk making money?

It's actually a bit harsh blaming Tesla for this one given those in charge of the vehicle have ignored the instructions - Someone must always be in the drivers seat.
Idiots. The cars are not driverless. They are not advertised or sold as such.
What I dont understand is how such brainless idiots can afford such a car.
Hire or lease purchase, but you knew that really
Question Author
/// So is your beef driverless cars or Musk making money? ///

I don't have a beef - I was just asking a question, the rationale behind Answerbank. In order to assist in considering an answer I pointed out the instigator's apparent priorities.
Thats is still a fair chunk. Can you hire these things?
It appears you can. 90-180 a day.
No.... it either drives itself or it doesn't. Expecting drivers to stay alert and ready to overrule, without actually driving- is always asking for trouble.
Of course Canary, I believe you although I am sure thousands wouldnt given you many other similar posts.

It's not really a question you wrote either is it?
Trains and planes do it pixie and we have driverrlrss fork lift trucks on are warehouses which dont crash. The cars are not driver less yet but hopefully one day will be safe enough to do so
It'll never happen
Bobbin, I'm not doubting the technology. I don't know about that. I'm doubting humans.
Bore someone senseless and give them nothing to do, while expecting them to remain fully engaged and alert... just, no.
You must have been a passenger before, and surely your attention has drifted off occasionally?
I would have thought there would be some safety measure detecting whether someone was in the driver's seat or no.

It doesn't really matter, if they aren't paying attention... If you want someone to take responsibility, you need to give them control. The biggest mistake here, is believing you can put someone into a false sense of security, and blaming them when they take it.
The model S is not a self driving car nor is it marketed as such, it has glorified cruise control. Obviously the "driver" is a moron. This is natural selection.
To answer the main question though, no, IT is no where near advanced enough to have self driving cars.
bob: "Trains and planes do it pixie" - much much much simpler to achieve than a car driving itself.
I drive lorries with lane keeping assist. It is supposed to warn you if you cross the lane markings without indicating. It often tells me I am doing that when I am perfectly in lane.

The thought that the same technology could be used to fully control the vehicle is, frankly, horrendous.
they will never be allowed on the road hoppy, pie in the sky. They may get on the road to start with but once the carnage starts they'll be banned.
as with all things there must first be a disaster before action is taken.

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