Ww3 No Super League

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fender62 | 12:58 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | News
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the coverage especially the bbc on some fooball pulava is astounding, you would think
were being invaded by aliens or nuclear war broke out, wall to wall about kicking
a bag of wind about by over paid sports players footballers, bbc love sports like they
do with gary lineker's wage packet...crisps as well.


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There is anothe thread in play on this in Sport:

Personally I find it all rather odd, but then I am not a football fan.
And the other thread has a rather more coherent question to kick it off.
It ought to be moved to News really.
I agree that the BBC have hammered it this morning, I wonder if they feel their nose is being pushed further out with the threat.
I read the Spanish news and although it has made the headlines there is not so much one sided reporting.
But then the BBC is an impartial broadcaster isn't it?
It's actually Sky who have run with it the most.
I haven't heard too many friendly voices on any channel.
When there's a nasty smell in the room, no use pretending otherwise
Since half the teams involved come from these shores, it's bound to be bigger news here.

I suspect the French teams won't mind seeing PSG go.
PSG to their credit are not involved ... yet

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Ww3 No Super League

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