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Sunk | 11:47 Sun 18th Apr 2021 | News
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The new variant is causing a big increase in new cases and deaths in India. There are calls for India to be added to the red list of countries where it is forbidden to travel.

Boris Johnson is flying to India at the end of the month for talks (which presumably could be done over Zoom instead).

Surely he MUST cancel this junket ?


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"Numbers seem very high but you have to remember the population on India is 1.4 Bn. "

Yes everything is on a massive scale there.
Apparenty the 260,00 positive tests was one in six of those tested!
India has been reporting more than 200,000 cases daily since 15 April - and its capital Delhi has been put into lockdown.
Boris Johnson will meet India's PM later in the year apparently.
He's wise to cancel.
i think so too, trade talks can happen later on. Perhaps when its safer to travel.
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Usual Johnson playbook.
Makes a daft decision, has to be told not to be so stupid, and eventually does a U-turn.
Oh, is that what happened, sunk? Okay ....
Just think he could have been stranded in India, and left the UK in a state of Turmoil , without It's magnificant leader. Perish the thought.
That wouldn't have happened, Gulliver, although I can well understand you breathing a sigh of relief that he isn't going.
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Yesterday you didn’t express an opinion if he should cancel or not.
Today you think he is wise to do so.

It would have been wise not to have contemplated going in the first place.
Sunk, I think I made my thoughts on travelling to India clear, but you posted this thread to say 'Surely he MUST' cancel....' He has, but it seems that's not enough for you. How much better you'd have liked it if he'd gone and you could have called him stupid and irresponsible. Better luck next time.
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I can call him stupid and irresponsible for having the plan in the first place.
I can now say he is a poor decision maker because he has yet again been forced into a U-turn on something that was patently obvious in the first place.
We have been reading about the situation in India all week, so I was incredulous yesterday when Downing Street were still insisting that Boris was going. Fortunately Boris made the right decision in the end, but it just looks weak that he got there last.
The rules keep changing. With your mindset, Sunk, no one would plan anything.
Sunk, I doubt very much that the current situation in India was 'patently obvious' when the arrangements for his visit were made. He didn't book a last minute cheapie on Ryanair!! Situations must necessarily change as circumstances change. Get real.
// .Sadly mass infection is inevitable.//
yeah bbut no but

Jan 20 - yes that time ago - UK were dying like flies ( yeah like the whites in the british Raj 1850) and speciifically, India not at all

big question: was it just a white man's disease? Ironic really considering what happened to the asians in the UK

the data was out there - but it just needed interpreting
yeah but no but
Boris was going but now is not
and we are still disputing quarrelling and insulting each other ?

normal monday on AB then
Sunk your looking for an issue that isn't there. This trip may of been planned ages ago he wasn't going on the spur of the moment, diaryies after be booked. As covid rates change advice on travel will change. You know this really
Op makes a statement: Surely he MUST cancel this junket ?

PM cancels his 'Junket'

OP criticises PM for changing his mind.

....OP criticises PM for changing his mind.

can I proof coorrect thqt to

OP criticises PM for changing his mind.
usual suspects continue to spit, back-bite and gouge....
Question Author
I’m not criticising Boris for cancelling today.
I‘m criticising him for not cancelling earlier.
Perhaps they will now stop dithering and put India on the Red List today. (More likely they will delay to later in the week for no good reason).

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