Celebrating Phillips Death Hopefully They Will Be Named And Shamed

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webbo3 | 18:02 Sat 10th Apr 2021 | News
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Just what is wrong with these people, I'd love to know their history, jobs, education, reasons etc, if they have kids then heaven help us and them.
They have been afforded their publicity when in truth they should have had none.
Publicity shows them for the ignorant morons they are so they’re welcome to it. Few will be impressed.
arguendo - as the Baron of the exchequer ( court) used to say , I dont recollect people being slaughtered for holding the Witch is Dead parties when Mrs Thatcher died

BUT as togo might agree - coming from there - during decolonisation fifty years ago some settlers were imprisoned by the liberated new independent regimes for holding - end of the white man's burden parties. - east africa somewhere - its big
If true, what a pair of useless left-degraded deraigned useless moron's.
o god oxford comma needed

celebrating philip's death - - hopefully they will be named and shamed

got it - Romans go around celebrating deaths hopefully sort of
Disgraceful behaviour.
i'm sure the duke would have told them how he applauded the creative use of their benefits payments.......
Probably young Conservatives , Hooray Henries.
This is the privilege of living in a true democracy
//Probably young Conservatives , Hooray Henries. //

What reason do you have to think that, Gulliver?
None, apart from his visceral hatred of Boris.
I don't know whether they are on benefits as stated above or their political leanings but they are entitled to make themselves look utterly foolish in public as Baz says.

Just a pity that someone out there thinks we need to see them do it.
Gully, making up rubbish again I see, although Mush room was doing the same just before, only with a different class of person.
pair of twerps.
But if you ask gulliver to substantiate his claims he goes all quiet and disappears to a different thread to write more rubbish.
leave him to sulk
Or orbit Shedman , :0))
Bobbi he comes on here and says things but ask him to back them up with an answer and bye he's gone or will come back with something like you are radicalised then disappear.

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Celebrating Phillips Death Hopefully They Will Be Named And Shamed

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