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Exactly the time we will be having our second Covid jabs!
i will watch it,
Me too.
I see Boris has ducked out of attending .
he can't attend a there is a maximum that can go. he isn't one on the list, family only
//Boris Johnson will not attend the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral to allow as many family members as possible to go amid Covid-19 restrictions, Downing Street has confirmed.//

He has done the right thing in order to be fair to the family.
Bless him x I know this may be seen as "too soon". But I did smile at Newsthump, who said Meghan claimed he had already had a private burial 3 days ago:-)
I’ll watch it and pay my respects to a great man
30 people is most likely just family Gulliver, so it’s unlikely Boris has “ducked out”, although I do partly agree with your snidey comment in so far as I’m surprised the PM isn’t attending, but that said it doesn’t take much to reach 30 family members.
i think someone on AB listed those likely to go, RF members
and as been pointed out the PM isn't one of them.
Carrie said she Didn't want him to go , and Boris said he had not got a black tie,and could not get an appointment at the hairdressers before the 17th so he said he best not attend .
-- answer removed --
strange as he wore a dark suit and black tie, when remarking on Prince Philips death the other day.
-- answer removed --
I’m waiting to be called “radicalised” for being just right of centre.
If the PM had been going you would have accused him of gatecrashing a family do. Intruding on private grief for the sake of the local elections ...

You know you would gully :-)

And in the ConCronies haha
Prince Andrew gave an interview this afternoon on the passing of his father, he spoke well, but i thought he was staying out of the limelight.
I’d imagine as a son he’d want to say something about his father
it was outside a church - Edward with Sophie were there too.

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Prince Phillip's Funeral On 17Th April At 3.00 O'clock

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