Anyone Been Watching The Derek Chauvin Trial?

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Spicerack | 14:45 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | News
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I presume we're allowed to talk about it as it's all live-streamed on US tv.


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ZM a psychopath and a racist. Haha I have seen it all now. ZM and I have had many run-ins but let me assure you Untitled (or should it be unhinged looking at the rantings on this post) ZM has never displayed the traits of a psychopath nor has he ever displayed and signs of being a racist. I think an apology is in order for this one.
17:34 Thu 08th Apr 2021
I understand that, shoota, but you are speaking as a normal decent human. Do you think that he just got it in his head? There is something about him particularly, that doesn't seem to be a normal person- but quite a vindictive, uncaring one. Not as a police requirement, but just- as himself.
Normal? Me?...
I don't know enough about him to decide on that Pix.
Fair enough x thank you, though- you obviously know what you are talking about xx
You do get jaded dealing with carp all the time. The onus was on him, the other cops were relatively inexperienced, perhaps the circumstances were beyond him as in 'Oh sugar, what do I do now.'
As I said earlier I can relate to those circumstances as every part of what happened here has happened to me at some time. You do think 'what do I do now' and sometimes when stressed it takes a while to formulate a plan of action.
Do you start CPR and risk uncuffing him or do you wait for the professionals?
I, along with my operator, was once giving CPR to a black lad who had been fatally stabbed by some other gang because he was in a Nando's on their turf when his girlfriend and other friends started pulling us off, violently.
Until you've been there you do not know what it is like.
Shoota, having been in violent situations at work and having to do cpr, I understand a little. But very interested in your views...
Just now though, i have trouble seeing Chauvin as even a "decent person "
We have all been in dangerous situations and had to make decisions- and the majority try to help rather than harm.
This was NOT a murder - there was no intent. Involuntary manslaughter, maybe - is there such a determination in the USA?
Dave, I agree- no intent. But also, what is it when you know someone will die from your that still "no intent?"
If this guy was white. There would have been an internal investigation, the silence.
Chauvin was doing his job trying to arrest a known thug,if floyd had gone with the police peacefully we might have had a different outcome.I would sooner have someone like chauvin for a neighbour than someone like floyd.
burlyshirley - // There is NO comparison at all to P.C. Harper's death and that of Floyd's. P.C. Harper was by all accounts a lovely and hard working young man, a credit to his family. Floyd was a thug who did despicable things and a druggie to boot and yet more fuss is being made over this thug's death than that of a lovely, innocent young man. The mind boggles !!! I hope and pray Chauvin is acquitted, but I fear he will not live a normal, safe life even if he is. //

I beg to differ - the comparison is that both men died violent deaths, and in the case of Mr Floyd, the law and potential offences involved are still under deliberation.

The idea that Mr Floyd somehow deserved his death bcause he had been a criminal, and not a 'lovely young man' points to the notion that you believe that people can have the cause of their death mitigated on the basis that they are not 'lovely' enough.

I think that is an utterly cynical attitude towards the concept of violent death, and I am seriously glad that you are not serving on this jury - and hopefully any other - if that is how you believe the justice system decides guilt.
Zacs - // As I wrote on another thread, it is important to know the nature of Mr Floyd's contributions to society in assessing his removal from existence on our planet: //

I don't think it is important at all!

As I understand it, Mr Floyd paid his debt to society for his criminal activities, and happily, we operate a system where people are allowed to pay their debt to society and then carry on with their lives.

They do not have their past recorded to be brought out as mitigation for their violent death, as though a criminal past denies anyone their rights under the law to protection, and retribution if wronged.
Zacs - // That would be ridiculous also, but given the nature of Floyd's crimes and the fact that he would have gone on to commit more, his expunging is a societal positive. //

May I borrow your crystal ball?

If you can see into the future, and know that someone is going to do something based on something he has done previously, then I am going to make a fortune with your method of finding that out.
We should remember George floyd is NOT on trial .
Here's something to consider -

I am no expert, but I would imagine that someone with their hands fastened behind their back is going to find it extremely difficult to get back to their feet without assistance, which, I think we can all agree, would be unlikely to be forthcoming in this situation.

Therefore, why the need to kneel on somone on the ground, be it for one minute, or twenty, on their neck of their back, or anywhere?

Why is it necessary to do that at all?
anne - // We should remember George floyd is NOT on trial . //

With at least three of our regular posters on this thread, Mr Floyd clearly is on trial, and found guilty for not being 'lovely', for having been a criminal in his past, and for having the temerity to die in the presence of a violent police officer who may now lose his liberty for his contribution.
Hang on weren't Floyd + Chauvin ex colleagues? So wasn't there some history between them? Hate crime perhaps?
// Do you start CPR and risk uncuffing him or do you wait for the professionals?//

Mr Coroner I didnt uncuff him because I thought I would be mauled by a dead sheep - yup makes sense for AB

you er are aware that if you dont do CPR - they die?
well you are now

most people dont do CPR as they are afraid of getting something. as I was told when I did ( child died - M602)
Many thanks for BA, YMB.

AH - Were very familiar with your liberal attitudes to the criminal fraternity. If people like you ran the penal system, we'd be overrun with scum like Floyd.
Zacs, up to you, we would apparently be overrun with scum like Chauvin.
I know which I'd prefer.

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