Amazon Caught With Their Trousers Down - Literally.

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DTCwordfan | 18:49 Mon 05th Apr 2021 | News
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In the DT today - but also here,

They don't half come out with the political spin as to how well they treat their workers. Time to own up and cough up, Mr. Bezos..hope UK workers haven't been exposed to this 'policy' - if so it's disgraceful.



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Amazon were just taking the ***.
19:27 Mon 05th Apr 2021
Workers who drive for a living have always struggled to find public conveniences, I'm sure Covid has made this even worse.

If working conditions in general are poor then they need investigating thoroughly.
Why don't they provide plastic urinal bottles? Lots of men use those.
Question Author
$50000 would have been welcomed!
Peeing in a bottle? No problem (for men!). How about before we all had inside toilets - emptying the jerrries out each morning?
I have a real issue with people sitting at home on their settee ordering stuff from Amazon and other sites because they simply can't be bothered to go to the shops. I know that since Covid, shopping is not easy but just how much stuff do people actually need? There are delivery vans everywhere around here - the roads are clogged up with them. Nobody thinks or cares about the employment contracts of the drivers (if they even have one) or the amount of plastic and other packaging that is generated. As long as they can buy cheap 'stuff' from the internet, they are happy.
Amazon were just taking the ***.
^That just sums what many people think of workers rights these days.
Haven't you seen all those bottles of truckers lucozade along the side of motorways? Common practice. The only disgraceful thing about it is the way they some of them dispose of the bottles. It has been during Covid for drivers to find facilities that are open

Where I am working at the moment we have a private road leading up to the factory .. it used to be very well kept and looked very nice and tidy as an approach.
Over the past year we have Amazon drivers turning up at night when they have finished their deliveries .. they just sleep in their vans overnight, there are no facilities in this road and they just climb out of their vans and c#@p on the grass like animals early in the morning and then they head off to the Amazon depot for more parcels. This goes on 7 nights a week and they are all Eastern European. If this is the promised land .. God knows what their home is like !
//That just sums what many people think of workers rights these days//

No it doesn't. But your post sums up you.

p.s. Ta DT. Bleedin cold up here bud. We paid the balance on the pad in St Ives today and hope it is warmer when we finally get back down there. Later in June. Will keep you in mind.
Togo - thanks for judging me. I was talking about atitiudes, not judging people.
I was talking about your attitude. ... The eagerness to be offended or self righteous in an instant part of it.
Question Author
Congrats, Togo - whereabouts in the town? My Mater stupidly, and without consultation of the family and our lawyers, sold a Piazza flat on Porthmeor, the biggest financial mistake (of several) that she made, once the old man had passed away - and possibly a symptom of her Alzheimer's setting in.
Sorry Togo. "But your post sums up you" I must have read it wrong :)
The joys of capitalism and the ''trickle down'' effect!
And we all know what trickle-down means - the rich relax their bladders and the result keeps us all warm, and we should be grateful!
On The Wharf DT. A little place in the lower part of a property named after one of the "fishermen's lodges". We stayed next door to it a couple of years ago in a pad that was about 25ft wide and 3 stories high( Next to Bethesda Terrace) and decided to to crawl up stairs anymore at our ages so booked this place as a return when we got home. That was about 20 months ago. When I say crawl up stairs I promise you all that they were so steep that it was like going up a ladder. The place was brilliant but deserved younger occupants.
Porthmear is dear to us. The beach cafe above the bay after walking around Portwidden beach and then up and over past St Nicholas Chapel is a godsend. I remember my boy chasing the waves out there and the waves chasing him back in as the sun was going down. Have no regrets about a property DT. It would have been lovely to have without doubt, but it may have given invaluable memories to thousands. We can all only live one life.
"to to" was meant to be not to. Mally will be after me for wearing here frock.

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Amazon Caught With Their Trousers Down - Literally.

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