Anti Mask Protest At Tesco

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bobbinwales | 17:09 Wed 31st Mar 2021 | News
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Sorry if someones allready posted this

''A woman filming the scene turns the camera onto herself and says: ’34 today, woop woop!’ She continues to film the group in the car park, shouting: ‘Come on warriors, woohoo! ‘See? Nothing to worry about. No problemo.’

No problemo? how do's she know. Noones saying people will drop down dead on the spot. Shame they couldnt be rounded up, tested and made to isolate for 10 days


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This is precisely why the Govt can't relax lockdown measures too quickly. The general public are, by and large, too stupid to be trusted.
Saying 'the general public' is crass. It's a minority.
And if the general public are too stupid in this matter then all governments are stupid because they were voted in by the general public. It really won't do as a considered argument.
Agree and Tescos should ban them from their stores.

At least the horse was covered in this pro test, if you remember the horse meat protests!
About that Paign^^^:
'governments are stupid because they were voted in by the general public'

Zacs walks off whistling nonchalantly.
A lot of idiots about today .
Stay indoors then!
ZM 17:11, BA right there.
...and 17:53!
Not a popular post it would seem !!!
identify em, nick em, end of.
We all know by now that the wonderful freedoms of speech and expression that we all enjoy, are always going to be hijacked by a small minority who will protest at just about anything.

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Anti Mask Protest At Tesco

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