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The function of schools is to educate its pupils and prepare them for live beyond education. If they are going to earn a living and make a contribution to the society in which they live they will be surprised to find that it often means complying with terms and conditions with which they may not necessarily agree but which they have to swallow in order to earn a...
15:18 Wed 31st Mar 2021
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so many aren't TTT
I can't believe the school has capitulated, no wonder kids today always think they are right, no discipline at all any more. Silly school !
For those left in any doubt about why these students are doing what they’re doing, they’re of the same mind as those who claim literature is racist, portraits are racist, statues are racist, classical music is racist, and now even elegant Georgian buildings are racist. And so the idiocy of the ‘woke’ continues to gather momentum happily enabled unabated by the growing clan of virtue signalling useful idiots.
whites usually Naomi, hellbent on showing their so called alliance with their black brothers and sisters, its cringemaking.
The trouble is, we're at a stage where any dissenting voices are rubbished.

The 10 people who authored the report released yesterday (only one of whom is white) are now being described as "Government stooges".

It's a lose-lose situation; had the report stated the UK is a largely racist state, it would have pleased many people and there'd be lots of talking heads saying "told you so", but because it didn't, those same people feel the authors did not have the necessary bias they would have liked.
pix - // In private schools- they can choose what they like and anyone paying will agree. In "public" (state, in the real sense of the word), they have no right to tell people what they should look like..or encourage children to judge on clothing. //

My wife was Head of a private prep school, for children from 3 to eleven, and it had a school uniform, and still does.

Uniform fulfils two functions - it ensures that everyone is identified with the school equally, and it means that school does not turn into a daily fashion war of one-up-manship, where the better off families can send children in a new outfit every day, and the less well off families struggle to clothe their children adequately, with no chance of being included in the latest fashions, making the children instant targets for bullying.
This isn't about uniforms.
no, its so much more.
I know the theories, Andy. I just don't agree. Surely, not bullying because of differences is a better principle?
"I know the theories, Andy. I just don't agree. Surely, not bullying because of differences is a better principle?"

Of course it's a better principle, and that would be super, but it's naive to think it can happen.

There will be some kids bedecked in all the latest designer clobber, who will ridicule those that aren't.

That's the nature of some kids and it'll never change, despite the lofty wish otherwise.
Too many people who earn a healthy living by keeping these grievances going.
The headmaster needs to get a backbone and the flag needs to be flown again, forthwith !! What a country we are becoming, glad I'm in my 'twilight' years and won't have to put up with it for too much longer ...
Do many schools or academies fly the Union Flag?
DD, I don't care if you think it is "lofty". Children manage it from around 2-5 years old and from 16. There is no reason to teach them otherwise in between. It is not going to help or be relevant in future life. So why try to teach it?
... and in most other countries.

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